What is the best type of garden house to buy? Lugarde is happy to give you some tips!

What is the best type of garden house to buy? Lugarde is happy to give you some tips!


At Lugarde, we love wood! We make lots of different garden houses from the best wood. It is perfectly possible to customise your own garden house with our 3D configurator. We can imagine that it is quite difficult to choose a type of garden house. That is why in this article, we will explain our different building systems. We have developed several unique building systems over the years. These all have their own look and feel and a different finish. The four different building systems you can find in our web shop are the log cabin system, the panel system (new since 2020), the Prima system and the Pro system. As described, we will explain each system.

Log cabin system

The name says it all: with a log cabin system, the garden house gets the look of a log cabin. This is a stacked wood construction system, the corners of the house are manufactured with a highly windproof and waterproof connection. Here, as with all Lugarde systems, it is possible to have a log cabin made exactly at the desired size. Furthermore, many different designs are possible with this system. The types of roofs that can be used here are a lectern, saddle, flat and asymmetric roof. How big or how small can you make a garden house with this type of building system? It can be a house between 200 and 2000 centimetres. Need an even bigger or smaller house? Other sizes are available on request. The wall thicknesses that can be used with this system are 28, 44 and 68 millimetres.

 Lugarde log cabin  Lugarde log cabin

Panel system

The panel system is the latest addition to our range, we introduced this system in 2020. What makes this system unique is the quick and easy assembly. This because all walls (panels) are prefabricated in our factory. Posts are placed between the wall sections, creating a modern-looking construction. This system is available in four different types of wood: douglas wood, siberian larch, scaffolding wood and spruce.

You can find more information about the types of wood at the wood type filter. You will find an i symbol with additional information behind each wood type. You can combine the different panels in our mix and match system. The panel system can be used for houses up to 400 centimetres deep and up to 2,000 centimetres long. The roofs that can be used in combination with this system are flat roofs, with or without a roof overhang. If you want to know more about this system, read our complete article about the panel system or view all garden houses with panel system.

Lugarde panel system summerhouse  Lugarde panel system summerhouse

Prima system

The Lugarde Prima system is a patented corner connection system. When you opt for this system, you will see that it results in a sleek finish, which creates a modern style. The walls of this system are slid into corner posts without nails and screws. These posts have an aluminium inner core, creating a particularly stable construction. The roofs that can be made in combination with this system are flat and pyramid roofs.

Furthermore, this system can be used for houses with a maximum length of 540 centimetres and a maximum width of 420 centimetres. This does not include any canopy. If you add a substructure, the maximum dimensions can be doubled. With regard to this system’s wall thicknesses, you can choose between 28 and 44 millimetres. Want to see more of the Prima system? Take a look at our complete range of Prima system houses.

Lugarde summerhouse  Lugarde wooden garden shed

Pro system

The Pro system consists of beautiful robust posts with a size of 14 x 14 centimetres. These posts are free from the ground because they sit on a plastic base. The walls in this system can have a thickness of 28 or 44 millimetres, and they are pushed into the slot of the post and fixed with metal strips. This makes for a very solid construction. This system is characterised by a sleek and modern, yet very robust look. The types of roofs that can be used in combination with this system are a saddle, flat and asymmetric roof.

The maximum size for this type of garden house is 2988 centimetres, and intermediate sizes are possible in steps of 50 centimetres. Naturally, you can see the complete range of garden houses with pro system online.

Lugarde summerhouse pro system   Lugarde summerhouse pro system

So what is the best type of garden house to buy?

If we’re being very honest, it’s impossible to say which system is the best. They all have their own unique properties and their own look and feel. In any case, if you opt for one of our systems, you can be sure that quality is guaranteed. You will get a garden house with standard double glazing and 3-point locks on doors and windows. The custom work comes from our own factory and we have an excellent price-quality ratio.

Have you become excited after reading this information? Take a look at our complete collection online, where you can find out much more about the garden houses and the different systems. If you have any questions about a system or if you would like to discuss the possibilities for your situation with an employee, please contact us by phone at 0573 401 800.