What is the right roofing for your garden house?

What is the right roofing for your garden house?


At Lugarde, you can choose from a variety of roof coverings for your garden house. But, before we elaborate on the Lugarde roof coverings, we want to inform you about the options on the market. Does your current garden house need a new roof? Or are you looking for a completely new garden house? Of course, the choice of roofing depends first and foremost on your roof type.

Bitumen roofing

Bitumen roofing is a popular type of roofing material. Bitumen is also called roofing leather and is usually applied to flat roofs. Saddle or pent roofs also lend themselves perfectly to bitumen roofing. Looking for a garden house with a flat roof, or does your garden house have a saddle roof? Then bituminous roofing may be a good choice. The material is waterproof, very strong and long-lasting. Bitumen is often used for gazebos, verandas, garages or carports.

Metal garden house roofing

Although Lugarde does not have this roofing material in its range, metal roofing can be used for your garden summer house. This material is less soundproof; however, it may be the perfect look for your gable roof. For a flat roof, it is better to opt for EPDM roofing, which we will tell you more about below.

Modern garden house

EPDM on your garden house, veranda or log cabin

EPDM is a combination of Ethylene and Propylene. It is therefore our favourite roofing material for flat roofs. Roofing your garden house with EPDM has many advantages. The material is UV-resistant. In addition, it is virtually maintenance-free, EPDM has a long lifespan, and it is easy to apply on wood, even if you have no experience at all in applying EPDM. These advantages make EPDM suitable as a roofing material for your garden house, veranda, or log cabin. Do you have an existing garden house and is the roof in need of replacement? In our instruction video, we explain step by step how best to apply EPDM to your garden house roof.

We offer our flat roofs and pent roofs with EPDM roof foil and water drainage included as standard. Lugarde quality, of course. It is indestructible, so you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful, durable and watertight roof on your garden house for years to come.

Design your garden house in 3D

It is also possible to design your own garden house, roof, veranda or garage with our 3D configurator. In just a few steps, you can design your own garden house. The handy thing about this 3D configurator is that you can design your garden house entirely as you wish. View your own designed garden house from any angle, and see how the design enriches the garden.

Visit a Lugarde dealer

A Lugarde dealer can inform you about EPDM and roofing slabs used with our houses. Prefer to see the roofing options in real life? Then visit one of our dealers. Lugarde has sales points throughout the UK. So there is always a Lugarde dealer near you. They will be happy to hear about your wishes and give you advice.