Wood from Lugarde

Wood from Lugarde


One of the most frequently asked questions at Lugarde is about the quality of our wood. We at Lugarde stand for quality products – that’s why we attach great importance to the quality of our wood. Are you interested in what makes our wood so special? Read on and find out everything you need to know about our wood.

Our logging areas

Sustainability and environmental protection are very important to us – which is why we at Lugarde decided years ago to purchase our timber only from forestry operations in logging areas with both FSC and PEFC certification. These certificates indicate that in addition to the respectful treatment of workers and the local population, the forest ecosystem with all its living creatures is also protected. We want to use the forests, not destroy it. For this reason, Lugarde has also made it its business to replant 1.2 trees for every tree felled by us. This means that we can replant a total of 12 trees for every 10 trees felled.

Wood quality at Lugarde

In addition to sustainability in cultivation, we concentrate very much on the quality of our woods. After all, we want you to be able to enjoy our products for as long as possible.

Origin of our wood

The wood used by Lugarde comes from the northernmost parts of Europe, where the climate is cold. This means that the wood grows more slowly and the annual rings are closer together than in the temperate zone. This strengthens the wood and makes it of higher quality. When building most summerhouses, this point is usually neglected. The difference is visible even when you are just looking at the wood. It is precisely this thickness of the wood that is one of the reasons why Lugarde products have such a long service life.


Careful selection and processing of the wood

For our products we want to ensure that only the best part of the wood is used. That is why we select our wood carefully.  Planks with many large and/or conspicuous knots are removed from the process. We also only use certain parts of the log for processing into boards. So each of our boards and each beam is core free. Here the core of the log is completely removed.


This method has the advantage that the squared lumber hardly warps and dry cracking rarely occurs. In the picture below you can see the comparison between the core free wood over the years. It can be clearly seen that the cracking occurs just at the core, while the core-free wood shows no cracks.

In addition, Lugarde wood is dried to up to 14-16% so that it works less and warps less. The typical moisture content on the market is 18%.

Further processing of the residual material

Even though not all parts of the log are suitable for making planks, this does not mean that they are simply disposed. The remaining material that is produced during processing into planks is carefully searched again. Smaller pieces that have been found to be good are then fingerjointed and laminated to form components of the summerhouse. All the remaining material that is still leftover after this is then used to heat the factory.

Protecting wood from the weather

Nevertheless, you should protect your summerhouse against the effects of the weather. Only a sufficient and careful treatment will guarantee you long lasting enjoyment of your wooden summerhouse. We recommend that you treat the wood immediately or before installation with a suitable and moisture-regulating wood preservative. This is the only way to protect the wood optimally. Do not paint your wooden summerhouse after installation, as in this case you can no longer guarantee that the protective agent will be applied to all parts of the wood and that your summerhouse is completely protected.

You can also have your summerhouse, log cabin or veranda by Lugarde conveniently treated ex works.

Quality summerhouses from Lugarde

Are you still looking for a summerhouse, log cabin, wooden pavilion f which you can enjoy for a long time and which quality is very high? Look in our assortment for the suitable summerhouse for you, or arrange yourselves your completely singular summerhouse in our 3D-Konfigurator independently and exclusively.