Bespoke log cabin

Are you interested in a log cabin that you designed yourself? Bespoke log cabins in general are one of the most popular garden buildings. In contrast to other materials like metal, wood is very stable and robust. Our wood in particular, which comes from northern Europe is of high quality. Because of the cold temperatures there, the trees grow more slowly, which creates finer annual rings. Therefore this wood is perfect for building a bespoke log cabin, which is guaranteed to last for a long time. Garden houses offer a lot of possibilities for use according to your ideas.

You can, for example, design a log cabin which is completely closed or one with a veranda. Garden houses are often used in very different ways

Bespoke log cabin
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For example, you can create an entire guest house, or if you prefer, just a small storage shed. Also, more eccentric ideas can become a reality – there are ideas like an atelier, walk-in closet or band room. It is clear that having the possibility to create your own log cabin offers you many advantages; one of them is that you have a your own very special garden house that no other person in your neighbourhood has.

Moreover, you can perfectly make the bespoke log cabin to match with the rest of your garden furniture. With Lugarde’s 3D-software, special wishes can be turned into a reality.

3D-software to create your bespoke log cabin

You can choose from a log cabin 10×10log cabin 10×8 and more or design a customised size that fit’s your garden. To create your perfect bespoke log cabin using our 3D-configurator software, you first choose between an already existing garden room from our models or a blank template. In the first step, you are able to change the dimensions of the square log cabin or rectangular log cabin.

Furthermore, you can change the wall thickness, corner profile and the height of your garden house walls. In the second step, you are able to change the roof type, the roof slope and choose a colour for your roof. Additionally, in the third and fourth step you can choose doors and windows for your bespoke log cabin from a large selection.

The doors and windows of the bespoke log cabin can be placed on multiple sides. In the fifth step, you choose a pressure treatment colour, a spray colour, and can colour your floor and the door and window frames. The last step gives you the opportunity to decide on special details. You can choose an internal floor, a stepladder, insulation and extra paintwork.

The completion gives you a good overview of the bespoke log cabin you have created. You can see a detailed breakdown of the prices of the different elements you have included and the total amount for the bespoke log cabin. Moreover, we offer you all the sizes of the garden house with a ground plan.

To buy a cabin of your specific design you can enter your data in the field “send your configuration” and send it to us. This does not mean that you are committed to buying it afterwards, but we will contact you and discuss all the details. Additionally, you can save your design or share it with friends and family on social media. Throughout the whole process we offer you a special 3D-view of the garden house you are designing.

This means you can clearly see all the elements you choose as they would be on a real log cabin. If you do not like the look of a certain element, like a door or window you have chosen, you can always go back to the step before and edit it.

We look forward to helping you

In the process of designing your bespoke log cabin, we would be pleased to offer you help with your creation. In the 3D-configurator we offer you some explanation at each step.

Moreover, you can always contact us in the little green texting window that opens up at the bottom of the page. Of course, you can also send us an email or contact us through our social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. If you want to speak to our customer service directly you can also call us.

On our social media pages you are also able to view a lot of pictures of bespoke log cabins from customers who are very pleased with their Lugarde garden house. Every garden house picture we show you is a personally manufactured bespoke log cabin belonging to a happy owner.

Were we able to arouse your interest in having your own bespoke log cabin? Lugarde offers you many different opportunities to create one for yourself. Just take a look at our website and find one that suits you, or use our configurator to design a completely new one of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wood is by far the most popular material to be used in these kinds of structures. Popular wood types are larch and douglas wood.  When it comes to bespoke log cabins, precision machinery and techniques, such as milling and profiling, are used to ensure uniformity and quality of the logs that come with your log cabin. 

Yes. Utilities and plumbing can be installed in your log cabin. To determine specific processes and costs, we highly recommend you contact a Lugarde dealer, this process might require modifications to your existing cabin. With their extensive experience they will be able to guide you through the process.  

Yes. A high-quality and properly insulated log cabin can be used all year round. With the proper installation, and insulation, your log cabin can be used even in really cold weather. It is important to consult with an experienced dealer to obtain advice and ensure your log cabin is ready to be used all year round.