10x10 log cabin

Are you looking for a 10×10 log cabin with a natural look, so that it fits beautifully in your garden? Then you have come to the right address, all Lugarde products are made of wood, which is not only beautiful but also durable. Take a look at our product range of huge log cabins for sale.

10x10 log cabin

As said, wood is a durable material, but also very strong. Even more so the wood we use for log cabins. Most of our wood comes from the cold northern Siberia, since it is so cold there, the wood grows quite slowly. This ensures that the wood is very solid and long-lasting.

You may look for a big cabin with a corner. That is all possible at Lugarde, we offer 10×10 corner log cabins, but also 10×8 log cabins and log cabins with side shed. A 10×10 log cabin with a corner is often very popular, while people can place it against a wall or fence. It creates a bit of privacy in the garden, as well as shadow. Lugarde also offers mainly square/rectangular houses, because they fit most easily in any garden.

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Lugarde has over 40 years of experience with designing and producing log cabins, summerhouses, etc. Our experience enables us to offer luxurious, yet affordable products that you can enjoy for years, on the condition of maintaining it properly. If you like to see some smaller log cabins visit one of our dealers’ showroom. Find the nearest dealer via our “Find a dealer” button on the website.