10x8 log cabin

A 10×8 log cabin is a bit bigger than a 10×6 log cabin and a liitle bit smaller than a log cabin 10x10. Lugarde is still able to provide you with log cabins with these sizes. See below for a few products with the 10 x 8 log cabin size.

10x8 log cabin

Why choose a 10×8 log cabin?

A 10 x 8 log cabin is a nice cabin that can be used for different purposes. Turn it into a garden office or a studio for yoga/painting. Use it as a storage unit for garden equipment. A log cabin from 10×8 is also very handy for little kids to play in. This way they stat safe and dry inside the log cabin.

You can also turn it into a greenhouse, where all your plants can grow warm and cosy. It is also possible to turn it into a game room, but the furnishing is entirely up to you. Log cabins with side shed are ideal for spending time outside.

Why Lugarde?

Here at Lugarde we only offer the best timber. Such as Siberian Larch, Douglas wood, Spruce (with and without scaffolding wood look). All wood types are durable, strong and climate-friendly. To create this kind of wood it has to grow for many years in the cold north of Siberia. When the tree is cut down, 1.2 trees are planted in its place.

If you would like to know more about our log cabin 10×8, please visit one of our dealers or subscribe to our brochure for some inspiration.