Log cabin with side shed

Are you looking for a garden building where you can store your garden tools and garden furniture, but you also want it to feel inviting, relaxing and pleasant, so you can use it for other outdoor activities as well? Then a log cabin with a side shed or canopy is exactly what you must look out for! The combination of a side shed and a living area is truly versatile, offering endless usage options!

How can you use it besides storage? Set up a garden office or lounge in the living area while storing your garden equipment or bicycles in the attached shed or turn the log cabin in an outdoor kitchen and dining area while using the side shed for outdoor storage. If you want to find out how a log cabin with a side shed can be useful in your household or you’d like to find some inspiration, scroll down to read more!


Log cabin with side shed

Log cabin with a side shed– a practical yet attractive addition to any garden

When expanding the living area outdoors a log cabin with a side shedor any other type of garden building has to meet certain criteria in terms of functionality, durability and appearance. The classic log cabin building system, which is well-known thanks to its signature overlapping corner connections, can ensure the aforementioned criteria, offering attractive and functional log cabin designs that are sturdy and durable.

What’s more, the log cabin building system allows creating both classic and contemporary garden building designs that will complement different garden styles. To meet the customer’s needs in terms of functionality and aesthetics, Lugarde offers various types of log cabins, including compact log cabins with a lockable storage room and large overhangs, corner log cabins and even spacious multi-room log cabins with a patio.

Therefore, it’s not hard to find a single structure that works both for storage and relaxation.

An all-year-round garden building

If you’re looking for that extra storage space, most likely you’re willing to invest in an all-year-round storage solution, for example a log cabin with a side shed.

The main aspects that differentiate seasonal storage from all-year-round storage are insulation, wall thickness and the quality of timber. A properly insulated wooden log cabin will keep the climate cool during the summer, while warm and dry in autumn and winter, therefore you can store all kinds of things without worrying about any damage to them.

In addition, an insulated log cabin will ensure a pleasant stay in the living area, as well as being energy efficient at the same time.

Bespoke design options for log cabins with side shed

When it comes to choosing the right log cabin or garden room with shed, people tend to get confused by all the available designs, sizes and finishes. You can choose from a 10×10 log cabin, 10×8 log cabin or a customised size that fit’s your garden.

To make it easier, you can opt for a bespoke design option and create a garden building that’s perfectly tailored to all of your requirements – from the size and layout to the colour of paint and roof type. The bespoke design comes especially handy when you want to combine various functions into a single timber structure.

Using our unique 3D-configurator, you can easily design a corner log cabin with a side shedand a gazebo area.