Lugarde Summerhouse P562 is a Scandinavian-style summerhouse with a pentagonal shape. It therfore fits in any corner of your garden. The large double door and its two windows with ventilation grilles make this summerhouse a real eyecatcher.
Article number P562
Width 300 cm (other sizes possible)
Depth 300 cm (other sizes possible)
Surface 8,5 m²
Volume 20,8 m³
Wall thickness 28 mm (also available in 44 mm)
Ridge height 245 cm (low roof)
Wall height 217 cm
Window(s) 2 x PJ07
Door(s) 1 x PE26
Roof type Flat roof
Roof overhang 18 cm
Type of wood First class spruce from northern countries (14 – 16 % kiln dried)
System Prima 3 = 1 system

Construction drawing

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Additional technical information

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Lugarde takes it one step further than anyone else. All our products come standard with plenty of features, as you can see at ‘Choose options to get a free price quote’. The following points are included in the price as well. We also have a broad range of extra options for you to choose from:

Key features included in the price

  • All posts, doors and windows are laminated. This helps to prevent warping
  • Door(s) with a 3-point locking system
  • First class pine from northern countries
  • 5 year guarantee
  • And much more…

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Options with additional charge

  • High quality glass sliding walls
  • Other kind of doors and windows (wide range of choice)
  • Higher or thicker walls
  • Insulation system for floor, walls and/or roof
  • And much more…

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£2,750 Recommended Retail Price
Inc. VAT & free delivery mainland

Summerhouse P562

This low roof (≤ 250 high) summerhouse is a real eyecatcher. It has large double doors and two windows with ventilation grilles. More info

This low roof (≤ 250 high) summerhouse is a real eyecatcher. It has large double doors and two windows with ventilation grilles. Thanks to all the glazing, this summerhouse soon becomes a fantastic studio, hobby den or home office.

The second special feature of this summerhouse is often only spotted on second view: its pentagonal shape. It will therefore fit perfectly in a lost corner of your garden, not taking up any more space than necessary.

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  • 360° design viewer

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