Classic summerhouses

Our classic summerhouses have a warm, timeless appearance. Classic summerhouses are often associated with a romantic ambiance. Our summerhouses and log cabins with a classic look fulfil these expectations. Windows and doors with crossbars, pyramid roofs with beautiful decoration and diamond cut logs all help to create this atmosphere.

Enjoy a cup of tea in your very own tea-house

Our octagonal summerhouses look just like old English tea-houses. During the emergence of the English landscape style, in the second half of the 18th century, summerhouses became very popular. Beautiful estates were home to stunning, romantic landscaped gardens with meadows, immaculate borders, eye-catching vistas and summerhouses. A pavilion harks back to this garden romanticism.

Lugarde Summerhouse PGL02 is a bright summerhouse with octagonal design and a pyramid roof. Large windows and a double door create a warm interior flooded with light. Lugarde Summerhouse Andrea PA02 is a small summerhouse with an octagonal shape. Its large door and window frames provide a fantastic view of your garden while the pyramid roof protects you from the sun. Lugarde summerhouse Prima Louisa PL05 is an octagonal summerhouse with a large double door and two casement windows. The pyramid roof underlines its classic design.

Bespoke design is standard for us

Find inspiration in the photos below. If you see something you like, but want to make a few alterations, get in touch or create your own design for a classic summerhouse using our unique 3D configurator!

Lugarde Log Cabin LP97t is a Scandinavian-style log cabin with saddle roof. It has a classic square shape with the focus on large double doors and large windows. Lugarde Summerhouse Jessica PJ16 is a classic summer house with a square shape and a pyramid roof. The double folding door creates an airy and bright atmosphere. Lugarde Log Cabin Malibu BM04 is a classic log cabin constructed using the unique log cabin system. This cosy log cabin with a square shape and a saddle roof will keep you warm thanks to it weatherproof construction. It is available in different sizes. Lugarde Summerhouse VS504 is a classic summerhouse with a pentagonal shape perfect for a large garden. It provides plenty of space with a separate storing area. Thanks to the Prima construction system this wooden laminated summerhouse is extremely stable. Lugarde Summerhouse PG18 is a big summerhouse with an impressive octagonal design. It has a pyramid roof and can be supplied with blue, brown, green, red or black roof shingles. Lugarde Summerhouse SP30br is a pentagonal summerhouse with two entrances for two separate rooms. It has a pyramid roof which underlines its classic design. Lugarde Log Cabin Dubai BD06 is a big log cabin with the focus on two windows and a large doubledoor in the front. Its saddle roof has a wide overhang under which you can relax in a hammock. The veranda floor rounds off the beautiful look of this cosy log cabin. Lugarde Log Cabin Somerset BS05 is a classic log cabin with a square shape and a saddle roof. Its laminated wooden door and window speak of high quality and functionality. Perfect for storage or to relax. Lugarde large log cabin with a saddle roof and an overhang at the front. This classic log cabin is built with the famous lugarde log cabin system. Lugarde Log Cabin Bristol BB12 has the special feature of two separate doors. It has a classic square shape and a characteristic asymmetric roof. Lugarde Log Cabin Brooklyn BB08 is a big log cabin with a saddle roof. The many windows and its large double door create a warm interior flooded with light. The walls of this log cabins can be supplied with different thicknesses. Lugarde Summerhouse PC06 is an open summerhouse with octagonal shape. Seven half open walls and one fully open wall make this house bright and airy in order to make the most of a sunny day.

Are you inspired to buy the summerhouse of your dreams? Take a look through our amazing range of summerhouses and pavilions or design your very own garden building with our unique 3D configurator.