Garage with veranda

Looking for a solid but beautiful wooden garage? You’ll find plenty of inspiration here, as our wooden garages combine sound construction with design flair. As we have been designing and manufacturing top-quality wooden garages and other garden buildings for nearly 40 years, we know better than anyone what constitutes a garage of superior quality.

Top-quality wooden garages for your car

Lugarde is currently the market leader for wooden garages in the Netherlands and the UK. This is due to our unparalleled price-quality ratio – many extras are included in the price of our products as standard features, giving our customers great value for their money. This could include double glazing, 3-point locks, sprung door handles, roof shingles, ridge finishing, and many more features, and, of course, all of these extras are of the very best quality!

Quality is also extremely important when it comes to the materials used in the construction process. We only use top-quality spruce for our garages and carports, as it’s well known to be a very stable and durable material. It’s important to mention that a special kind of spruce timber is used for building our garages – the timber is sourced from northern countries with cold climates. There is a specific reason for this choice – as a result of the cold climate, the trees grow slower and that creates more delicate growth rings inside of the trees. The growth rings are closer together to each other, which gives the spruce an even and strong structure. All of our timber is also kiln-dried in special drying rooms to ensure that the moisture content is approximately 14 to 16 %. This is done to ensure reduced shrinkage of the timber. As a result, the durability of timber is greatly improved, making it more likely that the structure will serve you for a long time.

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