Garden gazebo

A garden gazebo in your garden is a way to create your own perfect relaxation space. Protected from the rain and the scorching sun you have your own little place to gather with friends and family members. Your garden furniture is also protected against mould and wood rot due to rain, because it’s placed under the watertight roof of your wooden gazebo.

A wide assortment of premium quality garden gazebos can be found at your local Lugarde dealer. These garden gazebos differ in size, shape and roof type. They can be painted in any colour you wish, either by yourself or by your Lugarde dealer. Your dealer can also do the construction for you in your garden, if you don’t wish to build it yourself. With Lugarde gazebos, the ratio of quality compared to price is unparalleled in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, you have the option of bespoke design. Adapt an existing model or create your own design from a basic template. Your garden gazebo will be constructed for you exactly as you have designed it.

Wide selection of garden gazebos

We invite you to take a look at our selection of garden gazebos. You can easily set a filter on our website to show only our garden gazebos, and additional filters for things like size and roof type. A fairly cheap, small gazebo is available for a few thousand pounds. But do you have enough space in your garden and do you like to hold gatherings for a larger group of people? A big Lugarde garden gazebo can comfortably provide shelter for the elements and relaxation for a larger group.

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