Log cabin shed

When it comes to storage, a log cabin shed with storage can be very useful in your garden. That doesn’t mean that it ends there: Apart from being useful for storage a shed can add a lot of stylistic value and charm to your garden and give you a great opportunity to enjoy your garden.

Possibilities of a log cabin shed

A log cabin shed is mostly there to store things like for example your garden tools or your garden furniture in the winter. But as mentioned before a garden shed can become much more than that. There is the possibility of taking a log cabin with side shed, so that you also have a canopy to protect you from the sun or rain, while sitting outside. This can give your garden a totally new appearance: a garden sofa for example can give a really cosy feeling. Additionally different roof types can make a big difference. An apex roof or a asymmetric roof creates a very classical feeling, while a flat roof can create a very modern look.

Customize a log cabin shed by yourself 3D-configurator

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