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Are you looking for a log cabin to extend your living space or as a nice addition to your garden? Lugarde offers a wide range of log cabins in various styles and sizes, so we’re guaranteed to have something to meet your personal needs and taste!
Since 1978 Lugarde has been producing log cabins, summerhouses, gazebos and garages. We are a specialist when it comes to bespoke design – anything is possible!

Are you looking for a log cabin to extend your living space or as a nice addition to your garden? Lugarde offers a wide range of log cabins in various styles and sizes, so we’re guaranteed to have something to meet your personal needs and taste!
Since 1978 Lugarde has been producing log cabins, summerhouses, gazebos and garages. We are a specialist when it comes to bespoke design – anything is possible!

Quality Guarantee

With a product from Lugarde you have a definite quality guarantee. We are market leader in the UK and the Netherlands and, thanks to our extensive dealer and supplier network, we keep on growing. To ensure the quality of our products, we include a lot of extras as standard in our log cabin prices, for example shingles, HR++ double glazing and three-point locking systems.

Top-quality timber

For our log cabins we use high-quality spruce from northern Europe. Due to the cold climate the trees grow slowly, resulting in the growth rings being close together, which makes the timber more stable and durable. Additionally all our timber is kiln dried in special drying rooms to a moisture content of approximately 14%–16%. This reduces the shrinkage of the wood tremendously. Furthermore our log cabins, summerhouses and garages all have wind- and water-tight corner joints.

Log cabin doors and windows

All our doors and windows are of very high quality and comply to European standards, both in terms of the timber and the finish, as well as the double-glazing. Our window casings are laminated as standard procedure and are produced with dovetail joints to prevent warping. We offer casings with both fixed glazing and windows that can be opened. When it comes to selecting the windows for your log cabin you can choose between top-hung windows, casement windows and tilt-and-turn windows. Our windows all open outwards and are equipped with HR++ double glazing with a high insulation level of 1.1. Moreover, they are laminated and 56 mm thick, as well as wind- and waterproof. Our doors are also laminated and all doors with windows are fitted with HR++ double glazing. There is a choice of single, double and sliding or folding doors. All our doors have dovetail joints to prevent deformation and sprung door handles in chrome or brass. Furthermore our doors are equipped with adjustable split hinges that are finished with covers in matching colours. We use a (SKG approved) three-point locking system as standard so that your log cabin has optimum burglary protection. All our windows are also sealed with silicon and our doors are fitted with draught-excluder strips. Our customers can also choose to equip their log cabins with glass sliding walls for an especially modern and

luxurious look.

Different shapes and sizes for your log cabins

Our log cabins come in various shapes, sizes and models. If you would prefer a smaller log cabin due to a small garden that is no problem at all, as our smallest cabins measure just 240 x 180 cm. If that is not small enough for your garden, you might prefer to design your own, personalised log cabin using our unique 3D-configurator. You can design a cabin to perfectly meet your needs. The best thing about our 3D-configurator is that there is no additional cost for your bespoke design! Not only can you choose the perfect size, but you can also add doors and windows, select your preferred roof type and opt for the wood treatment that best meets your needs.

As well as different sizes, our log cabins also come in two different shapes, rectangular or square, allowing you to opt for the one that best fits your garden.

Roof types

What type of roof would you like on your log cabin? When choosing the right roof for your log cabin you can select from an apex roof, an asymmetrical roof, a flat roof or a pent roof. Every roof has its own advantages. An apex roof, for example, is supplied with the roof itself, purlins and the complete package of standard fittings, metal components, fascia boards and shingles. The shingles come in a choice of five different colours: black, red, brown, green and blue. The flat roof is delivered as an EPDM package as standard. Additionally you will receive a wide aluminium roof trim, high-quality EPDM roof felt, a water outlet and a bitumen kit. Our EPDM roof covering is extremely durable, requires minimal care and is very resistant to UV radiation. An asymmetrical roof has two uneven sides. It is delivered with a luxurious ridge cover made of metal and roof shingles in a choice of five colours: black, red, green, brown and blue. Lastly our pent roof has a solid roof purlin that slopes away to the back. Like the flat roof, it is delivered as an EPDM package.

The log cabin system

For our log cabins we use the log-cabin construction system. This system utilises a corner crossover connection joint that is both wind and water resistant. The log cabin system is available in 28 mm, 44 mm and 68 mm wall thicknesses. The 28mm and 44 mm logs have a diamond-cut end effect as standard. Our 68 mm thick wall board buildings have a double tongue-and-groove profile for greater stability, with straight cut ends. The 44 mm thickness logs are also available with straight-cut log ends. Our log cabins are not available in pentagonal or octagonal shapes.

Log cabin insulation options

To ensure that you can still use it in the winter, it is important to insulate your log cabin. Lugarde offers three types of insulation: roof, floor and wall. The floor insulation material consists of thermal boards of 600 mm x 1200 mm x 40 mm in size. The sheets can be fitted between the pressure-treated floor beams. The floorboards are installed on top of the floor beams and insulation, ensuring an air gap is left to avoid the possibility of water transfer. Our roof insulation, on the other hand, varies depending on the roof type. For an apex roof, for example, the insulation sheets are always installed on top of the roof boards and under the roof covering. In contrast, with a flat roof, there is the option to install the insulation material on the underside of the roof by fitting an additional false ceiling. Our wall insulation comprises an internal wall of 19-mm-thick tongue-and-groove wall boards. These are pressure-treated beams that attach to the external wall boards and come with special metal clips for the beams that allow the external and internal walls to move independently of each other.

Log cabin treatments

Lugarde offers three different types of treatment: spray pre-treatment, pressure treatment and painting. The spray pre-treatment, also known as a ‘factory finish’, treats both sides of the logs with a base coat/primer. You can choose from a colourless coat or four colours: white, graphite, brown and light grey. With a spray pre-treatment your log cabin is immediately protected against fungus, which will help to prevent rotting. The pre-treatment is only a base coat, meaning that a top coat must be applied within 12 months of purchase. If you select the white pre-treatment a top coat must be applied within six months; with the colourless option this must be applied as soon as possible. It is possible to spray pre-treat the windows, doors, walls, floors and roof of your log cabin. Pressure treating involves loading the wood into a sealed treatment container and adding a fluid that contains an anti-rotting and anti-pesticide agent. The vessel is then pressurised, forcing the fluid into the wood. After pressure treatment, a residual amount of swelling may still be apparent and consequently the joints may be tighter during fitting. Cracks and splits are more prevalent with pressure-treated wood. Should you choose pressure treatment for your log cabin, there is a choice of two colours: brown or green. Before painting your log cabin we apply a colourless base coat to your timber. After that we paint the outside wall of the logs, the posts, decorative bases/post covers, balustrades, fascia boards, windows and doors. With a paint treatment your garden building will be protected for a minimum of five years from UV-radiation and fungus; the paint also regulates moisture absorption. There is a choice of six colours: dusty grey, dark grey, pebble grey, transparent oak, pure white and beige.

Using your log cabin year-round

In the summer a log cabin is the perfect place to sit while having a BBQ or to hold a summer cocktail party. The cabin can easily be decorated to suit your party’s theme and, with the right-sized log cabin, you’ll have enough space to fit all your friends and family. In the winter, thanks to its insulation, you’ll be able to use your log cabin as a cosy place to enjoy a glass of eggnog or mulled cider, or a mug of hot cocoa. Wrap yourself in a nice blanket and enjoy the falling snow in your garden!

The possibilities are endless

Have you ever thought about using your log cabin as additional living space or maybe transforming it into an office? A log cabin is so much more than just a nice addition to your garden. For example, you could use your log cabin as a home office: there’s enough space in one to have clients or business partners over for meetings, while still being close to your family. Another ideal use for your log cabin is as a home gym. It will provide you with your own space to work out in and is a much cheaper way to exercise than a gym membership, as your log-cabin gym will last for at least 10 years. Probably the best and most relaxing way to use your log cabin is as a wellness room. A log cabin can easily be turned into a spa, with a sauna and a whirlpool, as well as a lounge area to enjoy the calm and relaxing atmosphere. The wooden structure of your log cabin will encourage you to relax, improving your health. Of course, you could also turn your log cabin into a ‘man cave’ by transforming it into a band, games or sports room; or into a ‘she shed’ by transforming it into a sewing, reading or craft room. When it comes to the interior of your log cabin there are no limits! So make your decision and select the right option for your log cabin!

Find your dream log cabin

Below you will find the large range of Lugarde log cabins. View our whole range or use the filter to select the relevant criteria. Do you have any questions? Perhaps you simply have not found anything you like? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our dealers will be happy to help you find your ultimate outdoor space. Discover our log cabins!

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