Pavilions are a great option for people who pay a lot of attention not only to the functionality of their garden but to its appearance as well. That’s especially important for those who have chosen a certain aesthetic that their garden must adhere to – for example, some people have created a classic Victorian-style garden while others have chosen a modern, minimal design, meaning that every new addition must fit in with the overall aesthetic of the garden.

The large variety of wood pavilion designs and the available bespoke design options makes them very useful to such garden owners, as there is a pavilion for almost any style of garden. In addition to that, pavilions have a subtler appearance compared to other garden buildings, allowing them to seamlessly fit into the landscape of a garden, instead of overtaking it. If you’re interested in adding a wooden pavilion to your garden or backyard, keep on reading this article to find out more about their designs, functionality and advantages.

Pavilion designs – classic vs modern

As mentioned, there are many different design options that wooden pavilions can provide – in terms of both functionality and appearance. The classic perception of a pavilion is that of a small garden building that’s only big enough to fit just a few people at the same time, however, with the appropriate construction system, they can actually be a lot more than that. While it is true that most of the pavilions offered by manufacturers are made in this size, the biggest available pavilions are as big as the biggest models of any other garden building type, providing the same amount of space that a summerhouse or a log cabin would, while keeping the signature appearance of a wooden pavilion. It’s especially important if you have designed your garden in a manner that calls for a classic pavilion design, but you also need a large amount of usable space from your garden building.

Customize a pavilion by yourself 3D-configurator

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