10x8 summer houses

Brighten up your garden with a beautiful high quality 10 x 8 summer house from Lugarde. With a summer house you can create a unique place to enjoy your garden with your family or your friends or use it for your garden-tools.
With Lugarde you can design and build your own 10 x 8 summer house, so you have a one-of-a-kind summer house of your dreams.

On our website you can find our 3D configurator. With the configurator you can design your 10 x 8 summer house, or a 8 x 10 summer house, it’s up to you. Choose what suits your garden. Of course it is also possible to choose a 10 x 8 summer house of your dreams, at our standard list of summer houses. There are many kind of 10 x 8 summer houses that we have created for you.

Customize a summer house by yourself 3D-configurator

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