Summer houses

Many people dream of having a beautiful summer house in their own garden. Since 1978 Lugarde has been producing summer houses that offer great value for money! Our summer houses are built using the unique Prima 3in1 system. This system uses a technique whereby the milled wall sections slot perfectly into the corresponding corner uprights without any screws or nails. We have a wide range of wooden summer houses, log cabins, gazebos, pavilions, garages and carports to suit all budgets. What are you looking for? Lugarde can work to your bespoke design, so anything is possible!

Possibilities for your garden summer house

A garden summer house offers many possibilities and there are no limits to creativity! You could transform your summer house into a private gym: a summer house creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and offers space for all your sports equipment. Furthermore, with our insulation systems, your garden room can easily be used as a gym year-round.

Do you like to party? Many people dream of having their own bar. This dream can come true in your summer house! Set up your bar with bar stools and hand pumps and give it a unique name. Your summer house will become the meeting place for all your friends.

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