Wood pavilion

Does your garden need to be spruced up or does it even require a full redesign? A wood pavilion can help you to freshen up your outdoor space or to even pull off a sensational garden makeover before the summer is in full swing! When planning a garden makeover, people often search for garden transformation ideas to find inspiration. However, it’s not that common to do research on the timber structure, for example, to research various wood pavilion designs and plans to find the right one. Since the right timber structure can make or break the planned garden transformation, we have created a comprehensive wood pavilion guide to give an insight into the designs, plans and ideas for the best possible result.

Wood pavilion – the focal point that your garden needs

A wood pavilion is a timber structure that offers a variety of usage options, depending on the style of decorating. However, regardless of the style and intended usage, wooden pavilions are the perfect focal points of an outdoor space. In garden design, the focal point sets the order for the overall appearance of the landscape. Landscape focal points can come in various types, including timber garden buildings, flowerbeds, outdoor furniture, fountains and even pathways. Despite the fact that a focal point can be almost anything, people often choose timber structures, especially wood pavilions, because of the combination of functionality and appearance that it adds to the outdoor space. Wooden pavilions are especially popular among the owners of both small and spacious gardens, because of their beautiful designs that range from modern to classic and really create that “wow” factor.

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