Wooden garden house

When you buy a wooden garden house, you expect you can enjoy it for a long time. Therefore it is important that the construction is made form high-quality materials. The garden houses of Lugarde are made of high-quality wood. This wood comes from countries in Northern-Europe. Because of the cold climate in these areas, the trees grow much more slowly. This creates finer tree annual rings, which ensures an even stronger structure of the wood. We dry the wood back to around 14-16% to prevent distortions. Because we tailor our wood ourselves, the wood parts fit together precisely to the millimetre. All this can be seen in the quality of our wooden garden houses.

Wide range of garden houses

Are you looking for a small garden house with or without canopy? It is all possible at Lugarde. A garden house with a canopy is currently quite popular. The advantage of a garden house with canopy is that it has both a open space and a closed space. In the lockable room there is room for storing garden furniture, tools or your bike. The space under the roof can be used for for different purposes. For example, you can create a lounge where you can dine together with friends and family.

Garden house or log cabin?

Ever wondered what the difference is between a wooden garden house and a log cabin? The difference lies in the connection of de wooden elements. In log cabins the ends of the beams (beam heads) slightly overlap. We also call this an overlapping corner joint or mill wing joint. With log cabins you have the choice of two different beam heads: straight beam heads and diamond heads.

Customize a garden house by yourself 3D-configurator