Wooden veranda

Can’t decide whether a wooden veranda is the right garden structure for your outdoor living space? If you’re eager to turn your garden into the ideal place for relaxation and entertainment, then it will be an excellent option for sure! Why so? Simply because this single timber structure can help you to tick all the boxes of the perfect outdoor lounge area – providing shade in the summer, enough seating options for you and your guests, a comfortable dining area and, last but not least, refreshing your garden’s landscape with a new focal point. In other words – a wooden veranda is a single solution to all landscaping challenges! However, to make the most out of a wooden veranda, the prospective plans, designs and ready-made kits have to be well thought out to achieve both the functionality and the look you are going for. Therefore, we have compiled some great tips and tricks for choosing a wooden veranda and creating the perfect outdoor space.

Wooden veranda kits vs bespoke design

Creating the ideal wooden veranda lounge area is a lot easier than many may think. Like with any other construction or garden DIY project, the key is to know a few important tips and tricks that will help you to achieve the planned result. When it comes to investing in a wooden garden building that will serve as an additional outdoor living space, the main challenge is to find a veranda or a shed that meets all your needs. Many stop the garden makeover right at this point because they simply get lost trying to find the perfect model in the vast range of wooden veranda kits, plans and designs. The tip to follow at this point is to determine how you plan to use your garden lounge area and choose between a ready-made wooden veranda kit or a bespoke timber structure. You can accomplish that by creating a list of requirements that a garden building should meet and a plan how you want to bring this idea into life, and then finding a wooden veranda that fits those requirements – either by choosing a model from a showroom or by creating a bespoke design.

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