Bespoke summer house

Have you been thinking for some time about purchasing a summerhouse? Or have you already decided that you want one? Then you have come to the right place to see various summerhouses. You can custom build summer houses at Lugarde that suit your lifestyle, this way you can use it for different purposes.

Bespoke summer house
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Summer house PSD8 £ 8,995.38
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A summer house could be used as storage space for all your garden tools or bicycles. You could also turn it into a wonderful relaxation area. If you choose to make it a space to relax, you can furnish it to your likings. For example, furnish it with a couch, hot tub, gym or turn it into a home cinema. You can not only decide to design the interior according to your wishes, but also create a bespoke summer house.

At Lugarde we offer lots of possibilities for wooden custom-built summer houses. Also available in many different colors, for instance, a grey summerhouse.

Wooden summer houses

Lugarde does not only offer wooden summer houses, because it is maintenance-friendly. No, wood also has an insulating function and it often fits very well in the garden. It has a natural and warm appearance.

Plastic summer houses also last a long time, but have a number of disadvantages. It does not have a natural appearance like wood and the maintenance of plastic is very hard. The summer house will not remain the way you received it.

It can discolour, due to rain, wind, and sun. A wooden, custom-made, summer house can be impregnated, to withstand various weather influences. At Lugarde you can create your own design and receive a non-obligatory quotation.

Custom summer house

At Lugarde every customer has the option to custom build summer houses. With the help of the 3D configurator, it is easy, fun, educational, and clear to design your dream summer house.

Bespoke summerhouses can be designed according to your needs. If you like to have a mancave and you already have some furniture for it, you could adapt the summer house to your wishes, maybe create a wooden summer house with veranda.

The same goes for a home cinema or a hot tub, you can custom build the summer house around it. You can easily choose from our standard sizes, such as 14×10 summer house, but to fit perfectly in your garden you can build a custom summer house as well.

Custom made summer houses

At Lugarde you can design bespoke garden summer houses, try our 3D-configurator out now. You can choose a summer house, from our wide range of summerhouses.

Via the configurator, you can customize the summer house to your likings. Furthermore, you can customize the width, depth, wall thickness, type of roof, types of doors, types of windows, and types of treatments. Besides these options, there is also the possibility to choose the type of hardware, roof decoration, interior floor, attic, stairs, insulation, and paint.

On top of this are some standard Lugarde benefits, such as strongly built windows and doors (three-point locking system, brand Maco) with drainage slots. Also, all, custom-made, summer houses come with 4+16+4 argon gas-filled glass.

When you finalize your custom summer house in the 3D configurator it shows the complete price. So when you add or remove an option it displays the price of the product right away. This shows again the possibility to design a bespoke summer house to your needs.

When designing your own summer house via the configurator, you can request a quote without obligation. You will receive a quote as soon as possible.

Lugarde offers

Bespoke summerhouses are made from scratch to meet the specifications of the customer. Due to 40 years of experience, Lugarde is an expert in the job. Lugarde offers high-quality wooden summer houses, also available with panel systems for summer houses, who meet your requirements. Besides the large number of custom-made summer houses, Lugarde also has an extensive range of log cabins, gazebos, pavilions, garages, and carports.

All these products are made of first-class spruce wood, you can read more about our wood on the website. If you are curious about the possibilities for your dream summer house, take a look at our website right now! With our 3D configurator, you can design your dream summer house. Whether you choose a rectangular wooden summer house or a square wooden  summer house, there are many ways to personalise it.