Black summer house

A black summer house can set your entire place apart from the crowd.  The interplay between dark walls and carefully curated interior design elements creates a sense of drama and refinement. Black summer houses are captivating the imagination of homeowners and interior designers alike, and becoming an increasingly popular trend. Beyond its notable aesthetics, a black summer house has an inherent ability to match with its natural surroundings.

The dark color can induce a sense of modernity, sophistication, and elegance, making the summer house visually appealing and unique. It brings a touch of sophistication and modernity to any garden house design. 

Black summer house
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Lugarde Summerhouse PS17
Summerhouse PS17 £ 14,710.65
Summer house PR55 £ 10,318.00
Lugarde Log Cabin B23 has the special feature of two separate doors. It has a classic square shape and a characteristic asymmetric roof.
Log Cabin B23 £ 7,825.00
Summer house PS84 £ 5,084.56
Summer house PS16 £ 8,612.43
Summer house PS90 £ 11,471.80
Summer house PSD10 £ 8,352.40
Summer house PSL87 £ 10,074.00
Summer house PSD17 £ 12,939.00
Summerhouse PSD14 £ 12,648.80
Summer house PS100 £ 7,256.59
Summer house PS94 £ 10,905.00
Summer house PS92 £ 9,081.90

Considerations of a black summer house

If you are exploring ideas to build a black garden shed, there are several considerations regarding heat absorption and temperature control. The color black tends to absorb more heat from sunlight compared to lighter colors, which can result in higher temperatures inside the house. This heat absorption can make the interior less comfortable during hot summer days.

However, with proper insulation, ventilation, and shading strategies, it is possible to mitigate the heat and maintain a comfortable temperature inside your black shed.

Heat aborption of a black summer house

It’s important to consider insulation materials and techniques during the construction of a black shed. Effective insulation can help reduce the transfer of heat from the exterior to the interior, keeping the house cooler.

Additionally, incorporating adequate ventilation systems, such as windows, vents, or fans, can facilitate airflow and help dissipate excess heat. Installing shading devices like awnings, blinds, or using vegetation strategically can also help block direct sunlight and reduce heat gain.

Benefits of a black garden shed

Now, let’s discuss the benefits and visual impact of choosing a black garden shed. Opting for a garden shed with black color scheme can create a bold and striking aesthetic. Black houses can stand out and make a strong visual statement, particularly in contrast to their natural surroundings.

The dark color can evoke a sense of modernity, sophistication, and elegance, making the summer house visually appealing and unique.

Maintenance and upkeep. 

A garden shed with black painting may require more attention compared to lighter-colored houses. Black surfaces tend to show dirt, dust, and other imperfections more easily, which means they may need more frequent cleaning to maintain their appearance. Regular washing or power washing may be necessary to remove dirt and grime from the exterior walls.

Additionally, a summer house with black surfaces can be prone to fading or discoloration when exposed to prolonged sunlight. It’s essential to use high-quality exterior paint or finishes that are specifically designed to withstand UV radiation and prevent fading. Beyond its striking aesthetics, a summer with black finish possesses an inherent ability to harmonize with its natural surroundings.

At Lugarde you can build everything from small summer houses to rectangular summer houses, or custom designs that fit your specific needs and size, anything from a 6×8 summer house, to even larger summer houses are possible. Do you need assitance completing your garden house project?

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