Contemporary summer house

Are you looking for contemporary summer houses? Look no further, Lugarde offers this wooden summerhouses! Contemporary summer houses are becoming increasingly well-known and are in great demand. People like to have a modern summer house in the garden, rather than an old one.

Contemporary summer house

If you prefer modern styles and designs at home, it makes sense to create the same setting in your garden. You will be pleased to hear that you can do so with the help of a stylish and attractive contemporary summer house. No matter how big or small your garden space is, we have a suitable summerhouse for you. With spacious doors and windows and plenty of internal space to rest and relax from life, and soon you will find that such a contemporary summerhouse is versatile.

Contemporary garden houses

You may be wondering, what kind of contemporary garden houses are there? Quite many, but primarily contemporary garden summer houses are chosen. The design of a summer house is multifunctional. You can make a really clean and sleek design of the summer house. The interior could be totally differently stylised as the house, but still, give a contemporary impression. Look for other garden houses in our brochure.

These days, many companies have contemporary summer houses for sale, as so we do, but what makes us unique? Our products exist out of quality and are worth every penny. We only use high-quality timber, this first-class spruce wood that grows really slow. This makes the rings grow very close together, this makes the wood stabilizer and more durable than other wood. Lugarde also gives a 5-year guarantee on manufacturing or construction faults.

Contemporary summerhouses

What should I choose, a summerhouse with a shed or an open area? It can be both really. You can choose on our website from a range of summerhouses, even summer houses with panel system. If you like to have a contemporary summerhouse with a side shed, you will find it on our website. Also, large contemporary summer houses are in on there. Maybe you are thinking about a contemporary garden room summer house with a side shed? It is all possible and can even be brought to life with our 3D configurator. In this program, you can adapt the design according to your requirement. So an additional shed on the side or having a special summer room on the side of the summerhouse in the garden, it is all possible at Lugarde. Choose the color that matches with your style, for example, a grey summer house or a white summer house.

Design now your 3D contemporary summerhouse

With our exclusive 3D configurator you can design a modern house to your likings. You can choose from summerhouses with a veranda or without from our range and make with the configurator adjustment to it. Design your bespoke summerhouse now, so it best suits your garden and lifestyle.

Order now at Lugarde

Are you interested in contemporary summerhouses, then you can design your dream house with the 3D configurator. If you are still searching for some inspiration, then take a look at our brochure! For more information, you can contact a dealer, via “find a dealer”.

Frequently Asked Questions

A contemporary summer house offers multiple benefits to a homeowner.  

  • It creates added value to your property, by expanding your living space. 
  • It provides multifunctional living spaces; think of a relaxing area with a side shed to store furniture and other seasonal items.  
  • It allows entrepreneurship ideas to come to life. Thinking about opening a massage practice at home? Then a contemporary summer house could be your best option. 

Although a contemporary summer house is a recent term, summer houses have been around for quite some time. Contemporary, and digitally enhanced home spaces are becoming increasingly popular for new homeowners. These spaces allow you to create private spaces that can be used for many purposes. From gyms, private practices, yoga centers and anything else you can think of. 

Lugarde is all about quality. From professional advice and a design that accurately meets your wishes, to accurate production and delivery as agreed. To help you through the design process, we provide you with tools to visualize your space, and a wide range of custom options. Additonally, our summer houses are delivered with detailed instructions, and professional installation services are available if needed.