Insulated summer houses

If you do not want to get cold in your summer house or you want your stuff to last longer, Lugarde recommends you buy an insulated summer house. Lugarde also sells summer houses with different ways of insulation. You can choose the insulation that fits the purpose of your summer house.

We invite you to take a look at our standard insulated summer houses or design your own summer house with insulation. With Lugarde you can design your insulated summer house by yourself with the 3D configurator. With the configurator you can design the summer house the way you want, is it a large summer house or a small insulated corner summer house, maybe even a summer house with panel system or a summer house with veranda, the possibilities are never-ending.

Insulated summer house
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Lugarde flat roof summerhouse PR42 from Prima system range.
Summerhouse PR42 £ 18,045.55
Summer house PR52 £ 9,670.00
Summer house PS14 £ 11,084.15
Summer house PR55 £ 10,318.00
Summer house PSD3 £ 11,723.80
Summerhouse P52
Summer house PR40 £ 10,535.00
Lugarde Log Cabin B54 is a big log cabin with a saddle roof and a spacious veranda. The veranda is surrounded by a beautiful wooden balustrate while the spacious bright interior can be divided into several rooms.
Log Cabin B54 £ 17,951.00
Summer house PS15 £ 14,578.96

Why you have to insulate your summer house?

If you want to store things with value, like cars, bikes, instruments and other things with value it’s important to insulate your summer house. If you want to put freezers, refrigerators and suchlike in your summer house, we also recommend you to use insulation. Another good reason to insulate is, if you want to use your summer house throughout the whole year, because you want to use it as a man-cave or an office space.

The ways of insulation

With Lugarde you can choose between 3 different kinds of high quality insulation. If you don’t want to get cold feet, or you sit/lie on the floor of your summer house. You can get floor insulation, with floor insulation the cold will not come up through the floor. The insulation plates have a thickness of 4 cm and they will be placed between the floor beams.

If you want to put a heater in your summer house it’s important to have wall insulation, with wall insulation the heat will stay inside of the summerhouse. With wall insulation you get an extra inner wall of 19 mm thickness. The plates will be placed on the beams of the wall with special made mounting clips, so the outside wall moves independently from the inner wall. This is very important for the natural movement of the wood.

The last way of insulation is roof insulation, heat rises. With roof insulation you prevent losing heat through the roof. The roof insulation consists of 4 cm thick plates, with the asphalt nails we send you, you can attach the insulation between the shingles and the roof boarding. It is possible to choose all 3 insulation types, just one or you can combine 2.

The price of an insulated summer house

The price depends of the size of your summer house and the way you want to insulate your summer house. If you choose to pick one of the insulation ways or you want a fully summer house that is insulated, the price will be different. With a fully insulated summer house you have to take into account a larger price tag.

If you use our configurator to design your summer house, you can immediately see what the prices are. And the price will adapt with everything you added, so you don’t get surprised at the end.