Large summer houses

There is an English expression “the bigger the better”, what could be better as a large summer house? You can find a wide range of summerhouses with a veranda or without at Lugarde! Have you become curious? If so, take a look at our range of large garden summer houses here or read more about the advantages of a big summer house.

Large summer house
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Lugarde Summerhouse PS17
Summerhouse PS17 £ 14,710.65
Lugarde flat roof summerhouse PR42 from Prima system range.
Summerhouse PR42 £ 18,045.55
Summer house PR52 £ 9,670.00
Summer house PS14 £ 11,084.15
Summer house PR55 £ 10,318.00
Large outdoor office
Log cabin B55 £ 14,793.82
Summerhouse P52
Summer house PR40 £ 10,535.00
Lugarde Log Cabin B54 is a big log cabin with a saddle roof and a spacious veranda. The veranda is surrounded by a beautiful wooden balustrate while the spacious bright interior can be divided into several rooms.
Log Cabin B54 £ 17,951.00
Summer house PS15 £ 14,578.96
Wooden Garage G8 £ 22,122.25

Sorts of large summerhouses

Lugarde offers all sorts of large garden summer houses. If your wish is to have a large summer house with a shed, that is all possibility. With our 3D configurator, you can easily design your dream summer house. Whether you choose a rectangular wooden summer house or a square wooden  summer house, there are multiple ways to personalise it. There are many different sizes to choose from, for instance, summer house 14×10. Most gardens are angular and not round, so producing a large corner summer house will not be a problem at Lugarde.

Even an extra large summer house is possible at Lugarde. If you tend to move to a big gazebo or log cabin instead of a summerhouse that would also be possible.

Costs of a large summer house

At Lugarde we have large summer houses for sale. We offer all sorts of large summer houses. Do you already have one in mind, but you are not sure yet where to order it. Here at Lugarde, we offer high-quality large garden summer houses for a fair price. All Lugarde products come with key features free of charge, meaning for example all doors and windows come with high quality double glazed sealed units.

The large garden summer house is not a bargain. You may find them pricey, but every Lugarde product stands for quality. There are a lot of benefits, Lugarde offers a wide range of options for each product as well as high-quality timber. All products are made of first-quality wood.

A large summer house offers you the benefit to style the living space to your lifestyle. You may want to arrange one corner artistically, the other for yoga and another as a sitting area for when friends come over. It could also be used as a garden office or a tearoom. The space would be huge and can be used for different purposes.


Lugarde has over 40 years of experience in designing and producing summer houses, log cabins and more. With our 3D configurator, you can design the contemporary summer house according to your personal needs. If you are interested in one of our products, please use the ‘find a dealer” button to find the nearest dealer to your location.

Lugarde offers

Are you also completely in love with the large summerhouses? Don’t hesitate any longer and ask for a quotation on our website! If you want a big summer house with a panel systen or grey summer house, with or without a shed, extra large or just large, it is all possible at Lugarde. Let your dream large summer house become reality!