Octogonal summer house

Most summer houses are square or rectangular. But you are looking for an octagonal summer house. Look no further, here at Lugarde we offer octagonal summerhouses in various sizes. Check the different sized octagonal garden summerhouses.

Octogonal summer house

Octagonal summer house UK

An octagonal summerhouse is often very popular in the UK. It brings back the old classy feeling of drinking tea in an arbour. These days it also can have another use, such as a sunroom or little greenhouse. A summer house that is octagonal is always built with our prima-system. This is a very stable construction method and easy to assemble. The system implements a method in which milled wall parts fit perfectly into the corner uprights.


All summer houses Lugarde sells are made of wood, which means you can choose from a wide range of octagonal wooden summer houses. As said Lugarde offers different sized octagonal summerhouses, so if you are looking for a small octagonal summerhouse Lugarde has it. These are the different diameters offered at Lugarde: ⌀ 250 cm, ⌀ 300 cm, ⌀ 350 cm, ⌀ 400 cm, ⌀ 500 cm, ⌀ 600 cm and ⌀ 730 cm. There is also the possibility to choose an oval summerhouse they have the following sizes: 300×250 cm, 350×300 cm, 445×350 cm, and 525×385 cm.

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Buy now via our dealer an octagonal summerhouse. With the help of our 3D configurator, you can adapt the octagonal summer house to your likings. Try it out now!