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Small summer house

You have a small garden, but you also need a space for storage or you want a place where you can enjoy your garden? At Lugarde you can buy a summer house of almost any size. For instance, summer house 14x10 but is that is too big there are many smaller sizes. You can also get a small summer house when your garden is not small, but you don’t want a large summer house in your garden. Then you also can buy a small corner summer house.

Are you looking for small summer houses for garden? Lugarde has many kinds of high quality summer houses for almost every garden, from a very small summer house until a large summer house with high-quality standards.

Small summer house

Ways to use your small garden house

There are many reasons to use a small summer house. Before you buy a small garden summer house at Lugarde you have to think what you want to do with your summer house. On our website we have a lot of standard small summer houses in many different colors, take the grey summer houses for example.

For example, a small summer house with a shed or a small summer house with a veranda. But it’s also possible to combinate a small summer house with a shed and add a veranda to it. As you have read there are many ways to design your perfect summer house for small garden. 

At Lugarde you can buy the most beautiful small garden summer houses!

With the 3D configurator on our website you can also design a summer house in small garden by yourself.

Do you want to design a summer house in small garden? Whether you choose a rectangular summer house or a square summer house, there are multiple ways to personalise it. At first you have to decide with which kind of template you want to start. If you choose the template you like, you can adjust the sizes, with the 3D-configurator you can see what your small garden house would look like in your garden. Consider the use of our convenient panel system for summer houses.

You can also take a 360 view around the small summer house. You can give your summer house for small garden the wall thickness, the colour, doors and windows you like.


The quality of Lugarde

Do you want to buy small garden houses at Lugarde? When you choose Lugarde to produce your small garden summer house, you get very high quality small garden houses. Whether it is a contemporary summer house that is small or large, there is difference to us. We can give you a high quality of wood because Lugarde produces everything themselves. Before we produce the small summer houses for garden, we cut down the trees and with every tree we cut, we plant 1 or 2 trees.

When the trees arrive at our factory, the wood will be kiln dried in special drying rooms. After the wood is dried, the wood is cut to size, every components fits together with millimetre precision.

Our corner connections are produced to be wind and water resistance. If you want to enjoy your small corner summer house for a long time, we recommend you to treat the wood before assembly.

Would you like to buy small garden summer houses from Lugarde? With every product you get 5 years guarantee on manufacturing and construction faults. And there are many more customer benefits when you choose Lugarde. Take a look at our website or contact a dealer. They are ready to help you with questions or in designing your garden summer house.