12x10 summer house

Whatever the weather does or whatever time of the year it is, with a 12 x 10 summer house you can create a perfect extra space for parties, an office place, for relaxation or for storage in your own garden.

You can use the garden summerhouses to clean up your garden, if you are annoyed about the toys lying everywhere in your garden, or you want to order your (garden) tools nice and neat.


12x10 summer house

Inspiration for your 12×10 summer house

You want a summer house but you are not sure what the possibilities are with a summer house. We can give you some inspiration, a garden office, with an office in your garden you can work well and you won’t get distracted from your children or other people in your house.

Your own fitness gym, you want more exercise but you don’t like large gyms, create your own gym in your garden, were you can workout on your own at the time when it’s suitable for you.
It’s also possible to create a bed and breakfast, you can receive guests in your garden.

With a wellness area, you have a nice and relaxing place to get some rest.
And if your children want a place for themselves, to play in or to chill with friends a 12×10 summer house rectangular can also be a good solution. We gave you some inspiration for your summer house 12 x 10 but you can also build a summer house for other ideas. The possibilities are endless.

When you add a veranda to your summer house you have a place where you can sit and enjoy, but you have also a space inside your summer house to work in. On our website we have a 3D configurator that you can use to design your 12 x 10 summer house. You can choose the wall thickness, roof, windows, doors and colours that you like.

Take a look at the configurator and start designing, the configurator is easy to use and we help you to get through it. If you find it hard to design your own 12 x 10 summer house or you just want to choose a standard summer house, no worries. Our professionals are ready to help you, or you can always visit one of our dealers. On our website you can find the dealer in your area. Our dealers can also show you the quality of our wood and show you examples for a 12 x 10 summer house.

Our dealers

A 12 x 10 summer house from Lugarde

Since 1978 Lugarde produces summer houses, so we have over 40 years of experience, with almost every kind summer house. There a around 80 people who work for Lugarde, at the office and in our own factory. In our factory we produce the summer houses ourselves.

That means that we take care of the whole process from cutting the trees to placing the summer house in your garden with our own employees. Lugarde always gives a lot of benefits with every summer house and we deliver our summer houses worldwide, Lugarde is also market leader in the Netherlands and in the UK.

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