12x6 summer house

A summer house is a nice adjustment for your garden, you can use it as a storage place or to sit and relax in. Buy your 12×6 summer house at Lugarde and you get high quality and 5 years guarantee with your summer house.


12x6 summer house

Why a 12 x 6 summer house?

There are many ways you can think of to build a summer house in your garden. With a 12×6 summer house you can use it as a store room, so you can place a storage closet in it or put your bikes in. But you can also use it as a second living room, where you can enjoy a good book or where your kids can play.

If you add a veranda next to your 6 x 12 summer house it brings a holiday feeling to your own garden. You can use the 12×6 summer house for storage or hobby room and sit on the veranda, how nice is that.



The benefits on your 12×6 summer house

If you buy your 12×6 rectangular summer house at Lugarde you don’t only get high quality and 5 years guarantee on construction and manufacturing faults, there is more, the doors and windows are always fitted with drainage holes.

Very high quality wood, because the wood grows in a colder climate, the annual rings are closer together and free delivery to the main UK. Take a look at our website for more benefits. You also can contact a dealer.

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