14x10 summer house

The things you can do with a 14×10 summer house are endless, you can use it as a shed, a garage, a man-cave, your own business room and there are many more options. You see it all in your mind, a beautiful summer house in your garden. It can give your garden just the thing you missed so far.


14x10 summer house

The 14×10 summer house you have in mind

Maybe you have it all in your head, you want a 14 x 10 rectangular summer house in your garden but you don’t exactly know what it should look like. Lugarde has many summer houses on the website that you can choose between, or where you can get ideas from.

You can bring your ideas together in our 3D configurator and you can design the 14 x 10 summer house that you have in mind. There are many various ways to create the summer house of your dreams, by choosing a roof, a door or window that you like.


But you can also pick the colour of the summer house yourself. There are 5 different colours you can choose between, but before you pick a colour you have to choose what kind of treatment you want. With a treatment you protect your summer house against all weather conditions. With a pressure treatment, you can pick the colour brown or green.

With a spray treatment you can pick the colours transparent brown, transparent graphite grey, transparent light grey, transparent white and colourless. If you have chosen all of the options you like the most, you can order your 14 x 10 summer house. And build it or have it build in your garden.