16x10 summer house

You have a garden with enough space and you want to build a summer house in it. We offer you a 16×10 summer house. There are many things you can use your large summer house for. It’s not only one thing you can do with it, it is also possible to combinate things.

16x10 summer house

If you put an extra wall in your 16×10 summer house you can use it as a shed and also as a man-cave or a she-shed. And if you remove an exterior wall, you have a place where you can relax in when it is raining, or store your bikes in. The options with a 16×10 summer house is endless.

Different kinds of summer houses

There are many different kinds of rectangular summer houses. Lugarde offers you a list with our standard high quality 16×10 summer houses, in the list you find many different summer houses that you can choose between.

If you picked the 16×10 summer house you like, but you want the door on a different side or a completely different door, you can always contact us and we will be ready to help you to make the adjustment that you want.

When you have everything in mind how your summer house will look, you can also design a 16×10 summer house by yourself. Lugarde has his own 3D configurator, where you can design a summer house all by yourself.

If you register in the configurator, you can see the design and show it to your friends and family. The registration is without obligation.
Take a look at our website and start designing.