Summer house 6x4

Summer house measurements can vary widely depending on factors such as the intended use, available space, and personal preferences. However, there are some popular summer house sizes that tend to be more commonly sought after due to their versatility and practicality. You can create a cozy and relaxing space, by using common measurements like a summer house of 6x4 meters in your garden. This size is ideal to create a perfect space outdoors. 

Summer house 6x4
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Wall treatments of a summer house 6×4 

 If your summer house is protected against the sun, wind, and rain, you will be able to enjoy it for an exceedingly long time. For effective protection, you must treat the summerhouse inside and out, preferably before it is assembled. An insulated summer house will then be protected against the elements. You can treat your summerhouse yourself or let us do it for you. The lifespan of your summerhouse/log cabin depends on proper maintenance. Check your summer house annually (for cracks/unevenness) and ensure proper and regular maintenance. 

Applying a layer of paint to your summer house is also a clever idea for maximum protection against the elements. One of the most popular colors in our catalogue is black. This results in very elegant black summer houses.  

In addition, black summer houses, an exceedingly trendy design, are our octagonal summer houses. This small summer house provides flexibility of design to any garden size. Curious about how a small summer house 6×4 can be designed? View our assortment. 

Flooring of a 6x4 summer house 

If your summerhouse or log cabin is to be used as an office, (guest) room, apartment, or recreational area, we advise you to insulate the roof, walls, and floor. The range of wooden planks includes pressure-treated beams. The internal floor creates additional protection against rising damp. We always recommend an internal floor in your summerhouse or log cabin. Have questions, or want to learn more about our roofs and floors? Or do you have questions about our log cabins,  gazebos or small summer houses? Please find the nearest dealer in your area. We will be happy to help! 

What is the right size for my summerhouse? 

Lgarde is a leading provider in the producting of garden houses in Europe. We offer a wide range of designs, sizes like 9×9 corner log cabins, garden summer houses 6×4 and assorted styles for quality corner log cabins. From small corner houses to larger constructions, you can find the perfect fit for your garden’s unique shape and aesthetic.  

Keep in mind that these measurements are just a starting point. The size depends on the intended use (residential, vacation, guesthouse, etc.), and local regulations. When choosing a 6×4 summer house or any other size, consider factors like the available land, your budget, and the shape and base of your garden.