6x6 summer house

A 6×6 summer house is available in different types and looks. At our website you can find the types of high quality summer houses we offer. But first you have to think what you want to do with your 6 x 6 square summer house, do you want to use it as a place where you can put your garden tools in or do you want to use it as a place where you can sit in your garden when it is raining?

6x6 summer house

Type of summer house 6×6

After you make a decision what you want to do with your 6×6 summer house, you can take a look at our list with summer houses. We have many summer houses in different colours, different types etc. When you choose a summer house that you like, but it is not on your size or you want to have an adjustment. We can make the summer house customized.

But there is another thing that you can do, to design the 6×6 summer house of your dreams. On our website you can find a 3D configurator, with the configurator you can design your summer house the way you want.
At first you choose the type of summer house you like. You can choose between a summer house 6×6 hexagonal, a summer house 6×6 octagonal, a 6×6 corner summer house and a 6×6 squared summer house.

A hexagonal summer house has six angles, an octagonal summer house 6 x 6 is a summer house with eight angles. Every type of summer house gives your garden a nice addition.


When you don’t want to lose a lot of space in your garden you can build the summer house in the corner. With a high quality summer house 6 x 6 you have a small summer house in your garden, but it’s not the centre of attention. Every type of summer house you can put in the corner of your garden.

Build the 6×6 summer house by yourself

With Lugarde it is possible to build your 6×6 summer house by yourself. If you are a bit handy, you can choose to build the summer house on your own. On our website you can find a lot of instruction videos how to do it by yourself. We deliver your summer house in a construction kit, together with an easy to read manual. How awesome is that, the summer house you designed by yourself, also built by yourself.

But if you are not that handy, or you don’t have the time to build it yourself. It’s even possible that we build your summer house in your garden. One of our dealers will contact you to make an appointment to build the summer house.

On our website you can find the dealer in your area and you can contact them if you have any questions. You can also find a lot of inspiration on our website and you can look through our catalogue for tips and ideas. But you can also read the catalogue online.

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