6x8 summer house

With Lugarde you can design and build the 6×8 high quality square summer house of your dreams. You can use our 3D configurator on our website or you can choose between one of our standard summer houses.

There are many ways to use your summer house. You can use it to store things, like your lawnmower, stuff you don’t often use. But you can also put a couch in it and a TV and you have an extra living room. But it is also possible to use it as your own private gym, so you don’t have to good to a fitness centre. If you have decided where you want to use your 6×8 summer house you can choose or design your summer house.


6x8 summer house

The options for your 6×8 summer house

There are many kinds of options that you can choose between. It starts with the template you want in your garden. The next step is the wall thickness, you can choose between 44 mm and 68 mm (log cabin), when you adjust the walls to size you can also see what your summer house would look like in 3D. Step two is choosing the roof, we also have different roofs that you can choose between.

You can pick an asymmetrical roof, a flat roof, an apex roof or choose your summer house 8 x 6 pent roof. Your summer house 8 x 6 also needs doors and windows.

It is good to think about the plans you have with your rectangular summer house, when you choose the doors and windows. If you want to put something big in it, choose a double door. If you are going to use it as a shed, windows are not very necessary. After you choose the doors and windows you have to choose the pre-treatment. At the end of the design you can choose between a few options, like the hardware for the doors, if you want an internal floor and more.

Construction system

Lugarde has various construction systems. You can choose a prima 3=1 system, Pro-system and a log-cabin system. With the Prima 3=1 system and the Pro-system, you can give your 6×8 summer house a more modern look.

With the Log-cabin system you can give your 6 x 8 summer house a classic look.

Should we paint your 6 x 8 summer house?

Factory finished, when you don’t feel like painting. You can order your 6×8 summer house fully painted. This is the way to enjoy your 6 x 8 summer house for a long time. We recommend you to pre-treat your summer house before building, so it is protected against all weather conditions and rot and mould.

We can do the pre-treatment for you but you also can do it by yourself.

Our paint treatments

The quality of our wood

Wood quality, the smaller the distance between the growth rings, the better the quality of the wood. Lugarde uses only the highest quality wood. We dry the wood to reduce the expansion and shrinkage of the wood. The production of the summer houses is all in our hands, so we can keep an eye on the quality.