Summer house 7x7


With a modest size, a 7x7 summer house offers multiple possibilities for use. From a cosy area for enjoying your morning coffee to a serene workspace where you can let your creativity loose, the options are limited only by your imagination. Transforming your garden house into a charming reading nook, a yoga studio in natural light, or a playhouse for your children. With a 7x7 summer house, you have the freedom to tailor the space to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Summer house 7x7
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Building a 7×7 summer house can be an entertaining project. Finding the right measurement and ensuring that encompasses a lot of functionality and enhancement with your garden space. This is a perfect measurement option for medium sized garden owners. A 7×7 corner summer house is also a possibility that should not be overlooked. This structure allows flexibility when it comes to odd-shaped gardens.  

Higher convenience throughout the seasons. 

As the summer approaches, many of us start preparing to have the perfect space to relax and socialize at home. A summer house, with a mix of functionality and elegance, can be the perfect project to undertake before the summer starts.  

What design styles are available with Lugarde? 

Our building options include gazebos, large summer houses with veranda, garages, summer houses with storage, log cabins, and our popular corner summer house 7×7 for added building flexibility.  

Can my summer house have a veranda attached? 

A veranda attached to the garden house and a very popular way to maximize the space in your home. Verandas provide the option of allowing extra space and turning the space into a multi functional investment. On the one hand, you can create an enclosed area for storage of your garden tools, or extra furniture that you no longer can keep inside your home. This can also include old toys, emotionally valuable items, books, even your bicycle! We recommend customers define the purpose of their garden house before starting to build. This allows more room for adapting new ideas in your space in the future.  

What color options are available with Lugarde? 

Summer houses from Lugarde, like log cabins, and gazebos are supplied untreated unless you stipulate otherwise. You can, however, opt to have your summerhouse or other product treated by us. Lugarde has some great options, which are both top quality and environmentally friendly.  Visit our paint treatments page for detailed information about the colors and treatments available at Lugarde.  

Beyond our range of colors, our customers always find creative ways to show their personality through colors and decorations, from white summer houses to blue summer houses, our customer’s creations have no limits when it comes to creativity. Take for example lovely Log cabin B8 perfectly painted in pink!  

Need help finding your ideal garden building, take a look at our 7×7 corner summer houseslog cabinspavilions, and garages or request assistance from our broad dealer network!