8x8 summer houses

With an 8 x 8 summer house you can create an extra living room for yourself or for your kids or use it as a shed for your bicycles, garden machines or tools. There are many reasons to buy an 8 x 8 summer house.

Lugarde can help you with creating your square summer house 8 x 8. In 1978 Lugarde starts building and producing summer houses, so we have over 40 years of experience. We produce all of the summer houses in our own factory.

8x8 summer house
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The benefit of producing the summer houses ourselves is that we can give our customers high quality for the best price. At first we plant the trees, and let them grow. When the trees are big enough, we cut them, and with every tree we cut, we plant 1,2 trees back. After the timber has been cut, the wood goes in a special built dry room, to prevent distortions of the wood.

When the wood is dried, the wood is sawn to size. After all of the components have been completed, the 8 x 8 summer house will be sent to you.

The shape of your summer house 8 x 8

You can create your 8 x 8 summer house with every shape with our 3D configuration. Before you start designing your 8 x 8 summer house you have to think what you want to do with it. If you want to sit and relax in it you can use every shape of summer house, but if you want to use it as a storage pace it’s practical that you use a squared summer house. But of course the decision is up to you.

With an 8 x 8 summer house you can choose between different shapes of summer houses. We have octagonal, corner and square shaped summer houses.

An octagonal shaped summer house has eight corners and is a nice statement in your garden. A corner shaped summer house has five corners and is ideal if you want an 8 x 8 corner summer house. And a square summer house, has 4 corners and is ideal to use as a shed.

Construction systems

At Lugarde you can also choose between different construction systems for your 8 x 8 summer house. There are 3 kinds of construction systems, pro-system, log-cabin system and prima system, every construction system gives a different way of what your 8 x 8 summer house will look like.

Take a look at our website for more information about the construction systems.
Build your summer house yourself or have it built

You can choose to have your 8 x 8 summer house built by our professionals, the dealer in your area will contact you to plan a date when your summer house can be built.

But you can also choose to build your summer house yourself. With the construction videos on our website we explain step by step how you can build your summer house. We also deliver an easy to read construction manual with the summer house.