Summer house with panel system

Are you looking for a garden house that is easy to assemble? Discover the Lugarde panel system now. This new system is quick and easy to assemble because all wall panels are prefabricated in our factory. Walls are placed between posts, creating a modern-looking construction. You determine which panels and/or which types of wood you use for your garden house. The panel system consists of ready-made panels (walls).

All you have to do is attach them to each other. This saves you a considerable amount of assembly time. Moreover, you can choose from our beautiful wood species Siberian larch, Douglas wood or spruce.

Summer house with panel system

Design your own garden house with panel system

At Lugarde you can opt for a garden house designed by us or you can build your garden house all by yourself using the 3D configurator. Whether you choose a rectangular summer house or a square summer house, there are multiple ways to personalise it. The great advantage of the new panel system is that you don’t have to compromise on your design. You choose what kind of garden house you want to build. Depending on the type of wood you choose, you also have many different choices for which types of wood panels you can use.

Lugarde’s new panel system offers you the possibility to make your garden house from Siberian larch wood, from Douglas wood or the spruce already used by Lugarde. What are the differences between these wood species? And what makes the new panel system the must-have for every garden house?

You can build your garden house completely by yourself. Lugarde offers you a mix and match system for this. You decide which panels to choose for your garden house and which type of wood.

You can choose from seven different panels:

  • One-sided wood panel
  • Two-sided wood panel
  • Insulation panel
  • Door & window panel
  • Glass panel
  • Slat panel
  • Balustrades

You have the possibility to combine multiple panels. You can choose between a 150 cm, 200 cm or 250 cm panel. Garden houses are often made with a panel system tied to a small size. Not at Lugarde!

The maximum size of your garden house with panel system depends on the type of wood chosen. You have the possibility to design a garden house with an unlimited maximum width and a maximum depth of four metres. This way you can be sure that your garden house with panel system fits your garden and that you have designed a custom-made garden house.

The roofs of Lugarde garden houses with panel system are flat and make for a nicely finished whole. Another possibility, besides a garden house, is a summer house.

With the panel system you can choose from three different types of wood. The standard spruce we use regularly, but also two new types of wood. Those are Siberian larch and Douglas wood.

Your Siberian Larch garden house

Siberian larch is a type of wood that, as the name suggests, grows in the colder regions. It is a beautiful wood species that grows extremely slowly due to the cold climate and therefore has an extremely durable character. A garden house made of Siberian larch wood panels means a garden house with a lifespan of fifteen to twenty years.

This is in contrast to the European larch wood that lasts half as long as the Siberian variant. Of course, the durability of your garden house with panel system depends on the climate and conditions in your garden.

You can extend the life of the Siberian larch wood even further by using a transparent oil or stain on your garden house. In general, you do not need to paint a Siberian larch garden house with panel system. The same goes for Douglas wood.

A garden house with panel system made of Douglas wood

Just like Siberian larch, Douglas wood is a very durable wood for the garden house. Douglas wood comes from Western Europe and grows slightly faster than Siberian larch. With a Douglas wood panel system, your garden house can last for ten to fifteen years without the need for maintenance.

Of course, the sustainability of your garden house also depends on the weather conditions in your garden and the climate in which you live. After all, wind, rain or heat can be demanding for a garden house.

Whereas the Siberian larch has a somewhat yellowish colour, Douglas wood has a light yellow-red to yellow-brown colour. The Douglas panels are made with a Swedish rabat gunwale profile creating a classic and rural look. A beautiful eye-catcher in every garden.

A garden house with spruce panel system

Spruce is a commonly used type of wood in garden houses. Spruce is characterised by a very light colour and is widely used for the garden houses of Lugarde. At Lugarde, we use spruce not only for our garden houses, but also for our log cabins, verandas, garages and carports.

From now on, you can also have your Lugarde panel system built from spruce. Lugarde’s spruce grows in the coldest areas, which means it grows slowly, just like Siberian larch. This makes it very strong and durable in terms of quality.

In case of a spruce garden house with panel system, however, you still need to treat the spruce. You can opt for different colour treatments when you order your garden house from Lugarde.

You can also opt for the spruce panel system with a scaffolding wood look. Scaffolding wood is still one of the most sought-after looks for both interior and exterior. Lugarde’s garden houses with spruce panel system in a scaffolding wood look are particularly striking because of their vertical parts. This creates more optical height, as you can also see with the above garden house model S4.

The spruce panel system without scaffolding wood look uses horizontal parts. This allows you to create more length for your garden house. With the panel system and the choice of spruce with or without scaffolding wood look, you have plenty of options for designing your own garden house. This way you can be sure that your garden house fits your garden, house and style.

Easily order your Lugarde panel system garden house

A great system that is not only easy to assemble, but is also made with durable wood. You can build your entire garden house using the 3D configurator. In addition, you can also choose to use a garden house from the brochure as a basis.

All models in our brochure are designed by our customers themselves in the Lugarde 3D configurator or through an official Lugarde dealer. Download the online brochure and get inspiration for all the possibilities a Lugarde garden house has to offer.

The panel system offers you several possibilities, different garden houses and beautiful woods. Discover the panel system now! Also possible for summer houses with a veranda and contemporary summer houses.