Summer house with a storage room

At Lugarde you can also buy a summer house with extra storage room. For example, you want a room that you can work in or use it as a mancave, but you also need room for your garden tools or Christmas stuff, with the summer houses of Lugarde the possibilities are limitless.


Summer house with a storage room

Combine the possibilities on your summer house

If you want a summer house with a storage shed, you can choose to buy a summer house with one room for only a place where you can store things. But you can also add an inner wall and you have a summer house that you can work in or for carrying out your hobby and use it as a shed. But it is also possible to build a summer house with a veranda and a storage shed.

Then you have a place where you can relax, read a book or have a drink with family and friends and you have place where you can store your stuff.

Take a look at our standard summer houses and see if there is one you like. If you saw a summer house with storage you like, but you want the door in a different place, or the window has to be a little bit smaller, you can contact one of our dealers and the can make the adjustment you like.

Design your summer house with storage yourself

It’s also possible that you design your own high quality summer house with storage with our 3D configurator. With our 3D configurator you can design your summer house you always dreamed of and put all the options in it you like.

If you use the configurator you can immediately see what the summer house would look like. Whether you choose a rectangular summer house or a square summer house, there are multiple ways to personalise it. If you have adjusted the sizes, you can choose what kind of thickness the wall must be and what kind of corner profile you want. After that you can choose what kind of roof you like, there are different roofs you can choose between and every roof has its benefits.

If you have chosen the roof you like, you can adjust the doors and windows, there are also many kinds of doors and windows you can choose between, like single, double and garage doors, fixed, top-hung, casement and tilt-and-turn windows. To give your summer house the finishing touch you can give it the colour you like and the colour that fits with your garden. For example, a summerhouse in grey, white, brown, etc.

At the end you can also adjust different options, like hardware, internal floor, mezzanine floor, stepladder and insulation. Every step you walk through the price fits with the adjustment you make.

If you have designed the summer house with storage the way you like, you can order your summer house.


It’s also possible to build your own summer house with storage in your garden, your summer house will be delivered in a building kit and on our website we have a few instruction videos, they can help you to build your own summer house.

But if you don’t want to build it by yourself, our professionals are ready to help you with building the summer house of your dreams, so the only thing you have to do is enjoy your summer house with storage.