Turn your summerhouse into your private gym

Do you prefer doing sports at home? But would you like to set up your own room and not train in front of the TV? Then it’s time for a gym in your summerhouse! Let yourself be inspired!

Lugarde-summerhouse-PR2 Fitness Inspiration  Lugarde-log cabin-B64 Fitness Inspiration  Lugarde-summerhouse-PS3 Fitness Inspiration

Lugarde-log cabin-B22 Fitness Inspiration  Lugarde-log cabin-B15 Inspiration Fitness

Lugarde-log cabin-B46 Fitness Inspiration  Lugarde-summerhouse-Prima-PR14 Fitness Inspiration  Lugarde-summerhouse-P5D9 Fitness Inspiration

Lugarde-pavillion-Prima-P892 Fitness Inspiration  Lugarde-pavillon-Prima-GrandFour-P896 Fitness Inspiration

The benefits of a privat gym in your garden

1. You do not have to pay monthly fees

With a gym in your summerhouse, there are no monthly fees for training. There is only a one-off acquisition cost for the summerhouse and the equipment.

2. You save yourself the travel time to your gym

You no longer have to travel to your gym for a long time. Instead, you just have to walk a few steps into your garden and you’re ready to work out. This is still possible after a long day at work, without being stuck in rush hour traffic.

3. You are no longer bound to a certain dress code

You would prefer to work out in your old cozy sweatpants? Now you can do exactely that without being stared at with questioning looks. You can simply put on the clothes where you feel most comfortable in to work out in your summerhouse.