Which doors are possible in a garage?

27 August 2018| News| Mareike Eckhoff

Do you want to design your perfect garage? Then you also have to think about what kind of garage door you want. It is simple: a garage door must be able to open, close and lock. But in practice, you have to consider the different advantages and disadvantages of a garage door before choosing one. It is not only about the different sizes, but also the about the materials and the colors. There are different types of garages doors that work very differently. Are you curious about all the possibilities? Read more and find out what the perfect garage door for your garage is!

Discover the different garage doors

There are four types of garage  doors: up and over garage door, rolling doors, double garage doors and an electric garage door with remote control. Every garage door has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Up and over garage door

Up and over garage doors are usually used for garages. This is mainly, because up and over garages are a beneficial and long-term solution. Like the name suggests, this type of garage door opens up by going up and disappearing under the garage ceiling when fully opened. Because of the tension springs the door will stay open by itself and won’t close uncontrollably.

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Up and over garage doors are relatively simple to open. Some of them will open with an electric remote control because of an electric drive. The advantage for you is, that you don’t have to get out of your car to open the garage doors. Furthermore, an up and over garage door can be covered with impregnated wood from Northern Europe. This gives the wooden garages a luxurious look and protects it against various weather conditions. A disadvantage of an up and over garage door is that the ceiling of the garage can hardly be used. An open up and over garage door takes a lot of space.

Roller garage door

Another option for garage doors is a roller door. The roller doors take up the least space of all types of garage doors. Roller doors are ideal if you want to keep the open space in your garage. With rolling doors, the door is rolled up vertically without using the garage ceiling. This way you can still use your entire ceiling as storage.

Rolling doors can be opened by a remote control. Furthermore, rolling doors are comparably good to secure. This way your stored items are well protected against burglaries. The good insulation of rolling doors also ensures that the room does not cool too much. A disadvantage of a rolling door as a garage door is the usage. Rolling doors must be opened almost completely before anything or anyone can go in. This is especially annoying if you want to enter the garage several times a day.

Sectional garage door

A sectional door consists of horizontal panels. An advantage of sectional doors is that they always fit into your garage. The shape of the door opening is not an issue here. In addition, the panels slide close to the garage ceiling during opening. This means you have more space to store goods or your car. Also the panels don’t swing out while opening the door. This way you use the space in your garage optimally.

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There is also the option of a side sectional door in some cases. The panels slide along the side walls of the garage. A disadvantage of this door is that it is impossible to use the wall to which the panels are sliding.

Double garage door

A double garage door has several advantages. First of all, the passageway can be opened on two sides. With this type of garage door you only need to open one door if you want to enter or leave the garage by bike, for example. Furthermore, there is no threshold to pass over.

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A disadvantage of double garage doors is that they almost always have to be opened manually. Most double garage doors have a simple door handle with a lock. This makes double garage doors less suitable for the daily storage of your car.

The perfect garage door for your garage

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