Wooden canopy

A wooden canopy comes in many different sizes, shapes and designs. Popular are the options to place a canopy in your garden and above a patio. A garden canopy can be placed above the door of your garden, offering a dry and warm place right next to your house. Want to know what advantages this type of structure has to offer? Then quickly keep reading. At Lugarde you will always find wooden garden canopies that meets all your requirements.

Wooden canopy

Advantages of a wooden canopy

Ever thought about a timber canopy in your garden? The wooden awning has many advantages. To begin with, you can easily escape from the sun. This is ideal during those hot summer days when you are looking for a cool place in the shade. And since a wooden garden canopy is placed next to your house, you could even say you ‘increase’ the size of home.

Also an outdoor wooden canopy or veranda from wood offers the possibility to enjoy your garden for a longer period during colder periods. Beneath a wooden garden canopy it is warmer and when the rain falls down you can still sit outside. You can even place a heather beneath the wooden awning, to make it an even more pleasant place to sit down and relax. For any home-owner that loves his or her garden, a timber canopy is an essential structure in the backyard.

Why choose wood?

Wood has different benefits in comparison to other materials such as metal or bricks. Of course wood has a natural look and feel. Because of this, wooden awnings will look beautiful in every garden.

Also the price of our high-quality wood is much lower in comparison to other materials. Because of this, you can build the same size of structure against a lower price. An outdoor wooden canopy is therefore always the clever option. Need more information about our top-quality wood? Feel free to contact our specialists.

We are glad to tell you more about all benefits.

Top-quality wooden awnings

Since a wooden veranda is right next to your house, you obviously want a structure of the best possible quality. Thanks to the high-quality wood we use at Lugarde, the garden canopy will be the eye-catcher of your garden for many years. Lower quality wood has a negative impact on the durability.

Also leaks can occur faster when the material is of a low quality.  When you choose for Lugarde, you choose for a durable, comfortable and premium-looking construction.

Premium canopy for garden

Lugarde only uses wood from colder region in Norther-Europe. Because of the colder climate in the areas, the wood grows much slower. This creates more delicate growth rings. And in the end, this makes a timber more durable and stronger. Obviously we think durability is extremely important at Lugarde. That is why we make sure all of our wooden garden canopies are recyclable.

Our timber is dried in special drying rooms to approximately 14-16% moisture content. As a result the (possible) shrinkage is reduced heavily. We are confident about the quality of our wood. That is why we offer 5 years of warranty on manufacturing and workmanship defects.

Furthermore we minimize wood waste and we use residual waste for other purposes. When you choose Lugarde, you don’t only choose for a durable and premium-quality construction. You even choose for an eco-friendly wooden canopy.

Made from the best materials

Not only do we use top-quality wood at Lugarde. Also all other necessary parts of our wooden canopies are of the highest standard. The roof is covered with firm EDPM foil and silicon sealant, minimizing the risk that possible leaks occur.

Do you buy a wooden structure with doors or windows at Lugarde? Then these will be fitted with HR++ double glazing with a insulations value of 1.1. Do you order a wooden canopy with included beams at Lugarde? Then these wooden beams are pressure treated and require no further treatment.

The beams are fixed together with high-quality corner clips made form aluminium.

Design your own wooden canopy

Do you know exactly how your wooden canopy should look like? Then the 3D-Configurator by Lugarde is the perfect tool for you.

Simply select the base construction and then add all necessary elements. You can adjust all type of options such as the width, height and even the colour of your construction. It is even possible to see what the building looks like with our 360 degrees design viewer.

Thanks to our 3D-Configurator it is easy to create the garden structure that meets all your preferences. Are you looking for inspiration? On the website of Lugarde you can see a lot of garden canopy and wooden garage with veranda ideas!


40 years of experience

Lugarde has 40 years of experience with building wooden structures. We always produce the wooden canopies by ourselves. Only by doing so, we can guarantee an absolute top-quality canopy for garden. Do you need some help deciding which building or structure fits within your garden? Then feel free to contact the experts of Lugarde.

We have our own manufacturing facility and in-house design department. They gladly help you find the perfect wooden canopy. We offer outstanding quality in your own individual design. Feel free to request a non-binding bespoke design enquiry.

Request bespoke design enquiry

Order your wooden canopy now at Lugarde

Are you looking for a wooden garden structure such as a gazebo with sides, canopy or garden house? Then Lugarde has everything you need. Simply request or brochure or check out the website for inspiration. Or use our 3D-configurator to create the wooden construction of your dreams. With questions you can always contact our experts via phone and email. Or simply visit a Lugarde dealer in your area. On our website you can see many garden canopy ideas!

Lugarde dealers
Frequently Asked Questions

Lugarde delivers its wooden canopies containing all tools and parts needed to ensure seamless assembly, including an assembly guide. We aim to provide all information needed so installation can be easily made by anyone. We also have supporting instructions in our website and youtube channels. Prefer to have a dedicated team to install your garden house? That’s possible with one of Lugarde dealers in your area.

There are many roof types available for your wooden canopy at Lugarde. . Those include: apex, flat, pent, pyramid and asymmetric roof. Our canopies and summer houses also lend themselves to other types of roof installations. We can design your canopy so that another type of roof covering can be installed in it.

Lugarde offers versatility and unbeatable quality when it comes to crafting garden canopies. With their versatile 3d configurator, customising and choosing the best materials has never been easier. With more than 40 years in the market, Lugarde is able to deliver the best quality available, specifically designed to your needs.