Free standing canopy

A free-standing canopy is a shelter or covering that stands on its own without needing support from a building or another structure. A canopy supplies shade and protection. It resembles a roof that can be situated anywhere within your garden or outdoor space.

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How can a free-standing canopy be used?  

This standalone structure is designed to cover an area and create a comfortable space outdoors, often used for things like outdoor dining, relaxing, or protecting garden furniture from the sun and rain. 

Beyond their practical benefits, free standing canopies for gardens can add aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. Lugarde wooden canopies come in diverse designs, and color, allowing you to choose one that complements your garden’s style and enhances its visual appeal. 

Adaptability of a free-standing canopy 

A freestanding canopy can be custom designed, and it is delivered ready for easy and quick setup. At Lugarde we don’t construct our houses ourselves. Instead, we collaborate with dealers across the UK where you can also personally inspect our houses. In numerous instances, these dealers are equipped to handle the assembly process for you, either by providing an assembly service or recommending a reliable assembly company.

To give you a better idea of how these structures can be customized to your own garden, visit our dedicated page: free standing canopies.  

Construction instructions  

Free standing canopies for gardens may only be erected on a foundation that is 100% level. Please check this before assembly. If the foundation is poor, we strongly recommend against building. This will inevitably lead to unnecessary and unpleasant problems, such as cracks in the walls or badly closing windows and doors. 

Additionally, We’ll deliver your summerhouse, garage, or veranda fully equipped with all the essential materials, including screws, nails, and EPDM glue. You won’t need to worry about purchasing anything separately. 

As a rule, our houses are designed so that no experience is needed to assemble your summerhouse. However, we recommend that you read the assembly instructions carefully and take your time. With a few helping hands, our videos and the assembly instructions, most houses can be built within one to two days. Of course, larger log houses take longer than a small summer house. If you have any questions or are not sure about the assembly, please contact your nearest Lugarde dealer.  

Do you want to know more about our assembly process? Read then our FAQ pages which covers many of the usual doubts. 

You will find hundreds of popular designs in our range. In addition, we offer plenty of room for customization with our bespoke canopy designs. Always with excellent value for money. Read more about the value of a Lugarde canopy

As previously suggested, with proper planning, a clear view of the purpose of your canopy, and after choosing the most suitable canopy from our range, we complement your project with easy installation, comprehensive service, and a five-year warranty. Our dealer network is the contact point to answering all your questions, during and after the installation process.  Have any questions? Contact us today.