Wooden carports

When it comes to planning a new addition to your home or garden – whether it’s a new wooden carport, a summerhouse or a log cabin– the main planning advice is the following: invest in pieces that perform their function well, can last for a long time and have a timeless design, and, of course, mind your budget.

It can often be tricky to combine all of the aforementioned aspects, especially if the planned extension requires extra building work or a planning permission. However, a versatile high-quality garden building can tick all of the boxes and carports can be a great example of that! Have you lately thought about setting up a wooden carport in your garden or driveway? If so, this article will give you the best wooden carport ideas and planning advice!

Wooden carport

Wooden carport – a smart investment

A wooden carport is definitely a smart investment! First of all, it’s the perfect shelter for your car, and, in addition to that, a carport is also a great alternative to a garage, especially when it comes to the price. Another reason why they are a smart investment is that the unlimited carport designs and plans offered by Lugarde turn this simple timber structure into a versatile outdoor extension of your home.

In regard to the wooden carport’s main function – providing shelter for your car, there is a reason why people tend to choose carports over garages. Mainly it’s because carports offer the necessary protection from the sun, rain and snow while also providing easy access to the car and making maneuvering in or out of a parking space easier. The sun, rain and snow are your car’s enemies, but a wooden carport made from the highest quality timber can prevent the damage that those elements can cause, providing a shelter during both the cold and warm months. As we all know, the sun, rain and snow are not only able to cause damage to the car but can also be the worst nightmare of car owners.

Aren’t you tired of cleaning snow and ice off your car in the mornings? Isn’t it frustrating to get into the car when it’s raining or when the inside of the car is overheated? A carport is a great solution to these car owners’ daily struggles while being a bargain at the same time!

And who doesn’t want to get their hands on a bargain, especially when it comes to a long-term investment? If you opt for a wooden carport over a garage, then the savings can be considerable. Honestly, the price of carports is a factor that often makes customers to favour a wooden carport over a garage. It is more than understandable though because the functionality is the same if not even better! If the price tag is important for you, then another bit of planning advice to keep in mind is the cost of carport assembly. Considering that the carport construction is far simpler and doesn’t require a base for the structure, the overall cost (carport and assembly) will be more affordable than the cost of a garage.

Using a wooden carport for storage

Do you genuinely prefer a wooden carport over a garage, yet you would like to have a closed storage area for your garden tools and furniture? If you are in need of a multipurpose garden building that ensures safe and waterproof outdoor storage, it doesn’t mean that a carport isn’t right for you. Simply opt for a wooden carport with a storage area to get an open parking space and a closed room for storage.

If your family owns two cars or you are looking for an exceptionally large outdoor storage space, you can opt for a double carport while, if you have only one car and all you need is an extra storage for family’s bicycles, just choose a single wooden carport for your driveway.

To create the perfect carport model for your needs discover the bespoke design options offered by Lugarde.

Quality of materials and carport installation

Before investing in a carport there are a few aspects that need to be considered to make sure that you have chosen the best possible option. The quality of the materials is the most important aspect if you want to invest in a product that will last for a long time and keep its appearance for years to come.

Therefore, if you have decided on a timber carport, pay attention to the quality of timber – first of all, where the timber is sourced from (it’s advisable to choose timber that’s sourced from colder climates), secondly, if the structure is made of softwood (preferably spruce wood) and, finally, if the timber is kiln dried to approximately 14 – 16 % moisture content.

The same applies to the roofing material, therefore take your time to find out more about the quality of shingles or the EPDM kit that’s supplied with the model you have chosen.

The process of choosing the right model and extra features can be exciting, however, the carport installation is something that needs to be kept in mind. Before you make an online order or visit a showroom at a garden centre, decide on the right location for the carport. Of course, carports, like wooden canopies, are free-standing timber structures that can be installed anywhere in your property – in the front or back garden or in the driveway.

However, you have to find an area that’s suitable for parking a car – it must be accessible with a car and must have an appropriate base like lawn, pavers or gravel.

Moreover, if you plan the installation of the carport wisely, the carport can help you to avoid reverse parking, if you set up your carport in a location where one end can be used for driving in and the other for driving out.

Wooden carport ideas

Wooden carports are probably up there with the most versatile timber structures, and, if maintained properly, they will serve you for years. Their simple, yet timeless design often makes it hard to distinguish a carport from a gazebo, canopy, or a wooden garage with veranda.

This is a feature that all carport owners can use in their favour, using the timber structure not only for parking their car but also as a lounge or a dining area where to hide from the sun or the rain. In addition to that, the ideas for their design are similarly versatile, allowing to choose between open design carports or partly enclosed carports, small single-car carports or large double carports and modern flat-roof carports or classic-style carports with an apex roof.

The versatility of this timber structure also reflects in the variety of installation options – you can either install it next to your home, creating an extension of it or install it as a free-standing carport in your garden or on the driveway.

A timber carport is a great addition to any property, completing the house design-wise and extending the outdoor living space. If you have always thought that your property lacks a finishing touch that’s both practical and beautiful, then a timber carport or veranda from wood might be an option you should consider. All you have to do is to choose a model that complements the existing aesthetic of your house and garden or create a bespoke design with the 3D-Configurator.


Isn’t a carport the perfect extension of a house – the perfect shelter for a car, and an outdoor area for entertaining friends and family at the same time? We hope that our advice and ideas have helped to convince you that it should be your next garden project. To find a carport that’s a perfect addition to your garden, visit the website of Lugarde.

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