Wooden garage

Wooden garages aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when listing the most versatile timber garden buildings. People often don’t even realise that they could be more than just a place for parking cars. The truth, however, is that wooden garages are more versatile than you might have thought, as there are many different ways how they can be used.

That includes both ideas that can be combined with being a shelter for your car, as well as complete transformations, that do not make any provisions for storing a car at all. To help you navigate all the possibilities that a wooden garage can provide, we have picked out some great ideas for their usage in this article. So, keep on reading to find the inspiration you need to get the most out of your wooden garage!

Wooden garage

A wooden garage that combines a shelter for your car with other usage possibilities

Even though it’s possible to use a wooden garage in ways that don’t include its main function at all, in most cases the owners still want to store their car in there, even if they plan to use it for something else at the same time. If that’s the case in your situation as well, there are two ways how you can combine parking your car with other functions.

The simplest one, of course, is to pick a spacious wooden garage design that already combines the parking space with another room (or even more than one). That way you’ll be able to have a single timber building that serves all of your needs – from a parking place to extra living or storage space or a dedicated hobby area. Just decide how you want to use the extra space and then furnish your hut from wooden accordingly!

If that’s not really an option for you or if you only need a little bit of extra storage space, you can also choose a small wooden garage, with no extra rooms, and set it up in a way that allows you to store your belongings, as well as your car. If you are going with this option, it’s important to store your things in a smart way, to maximise the available storage space. For example, set up storage cabinets for your tools or storage racks for your bikes and other large items inside of your wooden garage. This will allow you to find room for more items, which you wouldn’t be able to fit in if you just placed them wherever.

A wooden garage that’s not used for parking a car

Even though in most cases people still use their wooden garages for parking, it’s also not that rare to see that they’re being used for something completely different.

Whether it’s because the owners just don’t need that parking space anymore or because they have intentionally chosen to construct a garage that will be used for other purposes (this actually happens more than one might think), a wooden garage can be transformed for almost any purpose you can imagine.

Whether it’s a lounge area, a home gym, a man cave / she-shed, a garden office or anything else that a timber garden building could be used for, a wooden garage could be the perfect place for setting it up. In fact, due to the increased level of functionality and the amount of available space that they can offer, wooden garages are definitely among the most versatile garden buildings.

A wooden garage in your garden

While the functional advantages are undoubtedly important, it’s also worth mentioning that wooden garages can sometimes provide a certain look that’s exactly what some garden owners might have been looking for.

That’s one of the reasons why some people choose them over other types of timber garden buildings when planning new additions for their garden, even if they don’t intend to park their cars there.

Besides, there are so many different designs – from rustic models based on classic log cabins to modern buildings with glass sliding doors – that they can be a perfect fit for various garden styles.

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How to pick the right wooden garage design

As with most other garden building types, there’s no shortage of wooden garage designs offered by manufacturers. Therefore, if you’re still in the market for yours, it’s important to understand how to pick the right one for your needs. First of all, you need to determine, what do you want to use your wooden garage for.

If you only want to use it for parking, then it’s probably perfectly enough to go for a smaller, single-car garage (unless you need the space for parking two cars, of course). The same applies if you’re planning to construct a wooden garage that will not be used for parking any cars whatsoever – just decide how much space you need for its intended purpose and choose a design that’s big enough for it.

Meanwhile, if you want to have a multi-functional building that can be used for two or more things simultaneously, you’ll obviously have to look for something bigger. It’s also important to decide what exactly do you want to use it for, besides parking. If you only need some storage space, you can pick a wooden garage with a single room, which will provide enough space both for your car, as well as your belongings.

Meanwhile, if you want to combine the parking space with a home gym or an area for leisure, you’ll probably want to separate one from the other, so choose a design with several rooms. If you’re looking to add a space intended for leisure, it might be a great idea to pick a wooden garage design with a canopy – that way you’ll have an indoor space, where to park your cars and store other items, as well as a cosy outdoor space for relaxation and hosting guests.

Design your own wooden garage

As you can now see, wooden garages are one of the most versatile garden building types. If you’re still trying to find the perfect one for your garden, try browsing the range of wooden garages, with or without wooden verandas, available in our assortment. You can also design your own wooden garage in our 3D-configurator.