A wooden gazebo is a perfect addition to any garden. A timber structure offers a perfect relaxation space for you, your family, and your friends. A wooden gazebo offers advantages all year long. The watertight roofs offer protection for you and your furniture against any wind and rain. And during summertime, a wooden gazebo is the ideal place to entertain and find shade during those hot days. At Lugarde it is easy to design or order a wooden gazebo that meets you are wishes and requirements. Are you looking for a wooden gazebo? Lugarde has the best wooden gazebos for sale.


Advantages of outdoor wooden gazebos

Have you ever thought about all the advantages that a wooden gazebo has to offer? A small wooden enables you to use your outdoor space all year round by providing you shelter, during those rainy days and can also protect your furniture from all elements of weather. You could also opt for a semi-closed solution and choose to have a wooden gazebo with sidewalls. This offers even more protection from wind and rain so you can really maximise the use of your outdoor space. Are you looking for a wooden gazebo with a roof? Then Lugarde can help, take a look at our website!

During the summer, wooden gazebos have lots of benefits too! A wooden gazebo provides the perfect shelter from the sun on those hot days and can provide the most wonderful relaxation space. A wooden gazebo is also an ideal place to entertain during the summer. You could enjoy a barbecue with family and friends whilst enjoying a few drinks under your stylish gazebo.

Perfect addition to your garden

Wood also has many advantages in comparison to structures made from metal or bricks. A wooden gazebo has a beautiful natural look and feel, which can fit within any garden or landscape design. Wooden gazebos also offer you so much more for your money when compared to other materials. Want to learn more about all advantages of wooden gazebos? Then feel free to contact the Lugarde team.

High-quality timber gazebos

If you want to buy a wooden gazebo, it’s clear that you want the best possible quality. A wooden gazebo can be an eye-catching addition to your garden but, choosing the right quality wooden gazebo is key. Low-quality wooden gazebos use low grades of timber, meaning that it will have a negative influence on the durability of the structure. That’s why at Lugarde we only use high-quality material for all our wooden structures. This helps to prevent any damage that could happen to your (valuable) equipment or furniture due to leaks. Do you want a small gazebo, a large gazebo, or a bespoke gazebo? Whatever your needs, Lugarde has the most beautiful gazebos for sale.

Sustainable gazebo in your backyard

At Lugarde we only use wood from regions in the most northern part of Europe due to the climate, as this allows the trees to grow much slower. Because of this, the annual growth rings stay close together, which ensures that the wood becomes extra strong and solid. At Lugarde we strongly believe in sustainability, that is why we ensure that all our wooden structures are recyclable, and we do everything we can to minimise wood waste, even using the residual water for other purposes such as, heating our factories. Lugarde’s outdoor wooden gazebos are both environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Discover our solid structures

Not only is the wood we use important during the construction phase of our wooden gazebos, it is equally important in other parts that we use for the gazebos, such as the window and the roof, which are of the highest quality. All windows and doors are fitted with HR++ double glazing and have an insulation value of 1.1. Our wide aluminum roof trims are included as standard, and the roof is covered with EPDM and has a silicone sealant. To ensure maximum durability, all foundation beams are pressure treated and are connected with aluminium corner clips, so no further treatment is required. You can enjoy a Lugarde wooden gazebo for years!

Design your own wooden gazebo

Do you know exactly how you would like your wooden gazebo to look? Then why not use our simple, user-friendly 3D-configurator. You can design the most beautiful wooden gazebos with our 3D configurator. Whether you would like a large or cosy gazebo, round or square, at Lugarde you can design a gazebo that meets all your requirements. Building your own bespoke wooden gazebo has never been easier. Simply select the type of structure, size, and height of the structure, and then change or add any specific elements that wish to adjust. Thanks to the 3D configurator you can easily build any type of wooden gazebo, such as a wooden corner gazebo that fits perfectly in your garden. Do you want to customise a wooden gazebo with a roof? Use our 3D configurator and start designing your dream gazebo.


Wooden gazebos: always in stock

Do you need some inspiration, or would you rather buy a standard wooden gazebo? At Lugarde we have everything that you are looking for. On our website, you will find a vast range of pre-designed wooden gazebos with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and heights. At Lugarde we have wooden gazebos available for many budgets to meet your requirements. Lugarde has the most beautiful wooden gazebos for sale.

High quality, low prices

Lugarde has many years of experience with building wooden structures. We produce all of our wooden gazebos, including flat-roofed gazebos in-house, in our specialist production facility. Because of this, we can deliver the highest quality available for the best prices in the market. Do you need any help finding the perfect wooden gazebo? Feel free to contact us. At Lugarde we are specialists when it comes to wooden gazebos, and we are always here to help. At Lugarde we do everything we can to deliver high-quality wooden gazebos for the best prices possible!

Order your gazebo at Lugarde

Order a wooden gazebo from Lugarde, there’s no competition. Lugarde offers the highest quality wooden structures for the best prices. We have over 40 years of experience in producing top-quality wooden gazebos. Take a look at our wide range of wooden gazebos on our website. Simply use the filters to select the size and style you are looking for, or use one of our templates to create your very own bespoke wooden gazebo with our 3D configurator. No matter what your requirements, Lugarde has the right wooden gazebo for you!

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Frequently asked questions

The wood that Lugarde uses to install your gazebo comes from the northernmost areas with a very cold climate. This is best for the wood. This gives the wood the best quality and is the best way to use it. Lugarde has the most beautiful wooden gazebo for sale! 

Are you looking for small wooden gazebos? You can have your own gazebo made to measure by using our 3D configurator. Here you can choose all the sizes and colours that you will find to match your gazebo.

The use of the 3D configurator is quite simple. Everything is explained in steps making it very clear for you. All the choices you make can be seen directly through the 3D image which you can also view.