Wooden gazebo

A wooden gazebo is the perfect addition to any garden. This timber structure is the perfect relaxation space for you, your family and friends. This outdoor construction offers many advantages all year long. During colder periods the watertight roof can protect furniture against rain and wind. And during the summertime a garden gazebo is the perfect place to find shadow during hot days.

At Lugarde it is easy to design or order the gazebo that meets all your wishes.

Wooden gazebo
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Wooden gazebos of Lugarde

Create the ideal outdoor space with a stunning Lugarde gazebo to get that holiday feeling in your own garden every day! We offer a wide range of gazebos – from small and simple models to large and solid structures, from humble designs without walls to sleek, modern designs with sliding glass walls.

Lugarde has been designing and manufacturing free-standing gazebos, lean-to gazebos, wooden gazebos with sides, wooden canopies and verandas for over 38 years. Due to our long history in the business, we have acquired an extensive amount of experience and are still committed to improving with every new day.

The fact that we manage the production process from the beginning (design) to the end (delivery) means that we can easily meet your specific needs. We can fulfil every dream – from a cosy lean-to veranda to spacious log cabins, log cabins with side shed or an idyllic pavilion – and much, much more! In addition, we also pledge to provide excellent quality at a fair price!

Our gazebos and verandas are sold via an extensive network of dealers. This allows you to see the designs in real-life before buying your garden building.

And, if you’re not sure about assembling your building on your own, our dealers will gladly arrange for it to be assembled for you, sparing you from worry. In addition, if you don’t fancy painting your gazebo or summerhouse yourself, you can have it pre-treated and painted at our factory.

This will not only save you the trouble of painting and treating your summerhouse before or after assembly, but will also ensure that this process is carried out according to the highest standards, as the options we provide are both top quality and environmentally friendly.

Premium-quality gazebos

At Lugarde, every garden building is made of high-quality spruce that is sourced from northern countries with a cold climate. The reason we specifically select this type of timber is that, as a result of the colder climate, the trees grow slowly. This creates more delicate growth rings, making the timber more stable and durable.

All of our timber is kiln dried in special drying rooms to a moisture content of approximately 14%–16% – as a result, shrinkage is reduced. We are confident about our quality – that’s why we offer a 5-year warranty on manufacturing and/or workmanship defects.

The same quality of timber is also used for the support posts for gazebos. These posts are supplied complete with braces and metal feet and are 12 cm x 12 cm in size. Meanwhile, the posts for our Pro-system gazebos are at least 14 cm x 14 cm and have plastic plates under the posts.

A wide variety of wooden gazebo designs

Our range of gazebos features many varied designs, with the right model for almost any garden. If you have a small garden and you’re looking for a garden building that will fit it accordingly, a small corner gazebo or a mini gazebo could be great options.

And if your main reason for purchasing a garden building is to create a pleasant outdoor space, adding a gazebo as a veranda to your house will have the same effect as building a summerhouse with a canopy.

Meanwhile, if space is not an issue for you, there’s no shortage of large and solid gazebos and pavilions that you can choose for your garden. Regardless of the specifications of your garden, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find the right gazebo for your needs at Lugarde!

Bespoke design is the standard for our gazebos

Lugarde is a champion of bespoke design. In addition to our standard models, we can cater to your individual needs and create a bespoke gazebo, lean-to veranda or other garden building. With Lugarde, anything is possible! For inspiration check our wooden garages with veranda and hut from wood as well.

In order to make creating the perfect design easier for you, we have our unique 3D Configurator, which allows you to create a new design from scratch or modify one of our existing designs, removing or adding features, or changing the layout. And the best part is that there is no additional cost for using it!

With our extra options, such as patio flooring, sliding glass walls and balustrades, you can create your very own garden oasis. Meanwhile, if you have already created a bespoke design, you can fill in the details via our 3D Configurator or submit it to us through our bespoke design form.

Why buy a gazebo

Gazebos are becoming more and more popular as their additional design options allow them to be much more than just a shelter from the sun. Like a canopy, a timber gazebo can create that perfect outdoor feeling, allowing you to enjoy the view of your garden while also providing shade from intense sunlight, as well as protecting you from the wind and rain.

In addition, there are various modern designs available including those with sliding glass walls, enabling you to create a solid garden building that can be used for many different purposes.

If you choose a gazebo with sliding glass walls, it will not only increase the functionality of the timber structure, but will also look absolutely stunning, a look that can be improved even further by adding other additional features – like balustrades, a veranda floor or decorative posts. After all, every garden deserves a functional and beautiful focal point, where its owners can have a cosy lounge area in which to spend time with family and friends!

Find your dream wooden gazebo

Discover our extensive range of gazebos and find the perfect Lugarde design for your garden! Filter on the relevant aspects or see our whole range.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you can’t find a design that exactly suits your needs – we will be happy to help you find your dream garden building!

Frequently Asked Questions

The wood that Lugarde uses to install your gazebo comes from the northernmost areas with a very cold climate. This is best for the wood. This gives the wood the best quality and is the best way to use it. Lugarde has the most beautiful wooden gazebo for sale! 

Are you looking for small wooden gazebos? You can have your own gazebo made to measure by using our 3D configurator. Here you can choose all the sizes and colours that you will find to match your gazebo.

The use of the 3D configurator is quite simple. Everything is explained in steps making it very clear for you. All the choices you make can be seen directly through the 3D image which you can also view.