Wooden gazebo with sides

Are you looking for a wooden gazebo with sides to add a multifunctional garden structure to your outdoor space? If so, you have definitely chosen the right timber structure for that purpose, because a partially enclosed wooden gazebo will provide you with a shaded area, while also offering enough sunlight for your outdoor activities. And, what’s even more important – such a timber structure is perfect for all weather conditions! Can any garden building be more versatile than this? Are you looking for gazebos with sides? You can find the perfect gazebo garden with sides or canopy from wood at Lugarde! 

Wooden gazebo with sides

This popular structure in the UK, serves a highly versatile purpose. Entertaining is the most popular option for homeowners. Having the ability to dine outside, allowing families and friends to get to gather and enjoy a nice time outside is of great importance for a large client base. A wooden gazebo can be a great addition to your property value, especially if you are a social person. It allows you to host gatherings, barbecues, garden parties, or even small events such as weddings and birthdays. Being a sheltered structure, it gives the flexibility to handle staying outside in almost every weather condition A wooden gazebo provides both functionality and elegance, allowing you to maximize the space in your garden and enjoy your social life. When it comes to designs, you have multiple options when deciding on a gazebo, from modern flat roofs to the classical apex roof design, you can create the space that fits your home and garden with almost no effort. With Lugarde’s 3D –configurator you can design your own gazebo today! 

Standard model vs. a bespoke wooden gazebo with sides and roof

When searching for the right wooden gazebo with sides for your garden space, there are two options to choose from – a standard model or a bespoke wooden gazebos. Both options are equally great, however, the latter, of course, allows you to create a design that exactly matches your preferences! When it comes to standard wooden gazebo with roof and sides models, it’s easy and convenient enough to find a design with a roof and sides that meets your needs and fits well into your garden space.

However, if you’re looking for a special design with glass sliding walls or a specific size, for example, an extra-large timber gazebo with sides, feel free to discover Lugarde’s bespoke design options. Or maybe the wooden verandas are something for you?

High-quality materials and building systems

To purchase a gazebo with roof and sides that will serve you for years, it’s crucial to choose high-quality materials and a sturdy building system. If you want to make sure that you’re choosing the best possible timber structure, it’s advised to choose kiln-dried spruce wood that’s sourced from Northern countries, as well as a building system that not only gives the structure a pleasant look, but also equips the enclosed wooden gazebo with strong and waterproof corner connections, as well as a sturdy roof and sides.

For example, you could choose the classic log cabin system, maybe even a log cabin with side shed, or the unique, patented Prima-system, or the Pro-system developed and patented by Lugarde.



Frequently Asked Questions

Lugarde provides you with an unmatched garden living experience. Utilizing their innovative 3D configurator, tailoring and selecting premium materials has never been simpler. With over 40 years of industry expertise, Lugarde ensures the finest quality, tailored to meet your exact specifications. From wooden gazebos, log cabins, garages and small sheds, we have everything you need to build an ideal garden space.

With a gazebo with sides you can make a place that serves many purposes. You can design a home where you can relax and have fun. Plus, you get extra space to store things in a closed shed. You can also add windows, doors, and glass walls to your gazebo with a side shed.

When you buy a wooden gazebo with sides from Lugarde, we give you all the tools and pieces to build it. We include a guide to help you through. You can also find extra help online on our website and YouTube. If you’d rather have experts set it up, you can find them through our local dealers.