Wooden gazebo with sides

Are you looking for a wooden gazebo with sides to add a multifunctional garden structure to your outdoor space? If so, you have definitely chosen the right timber structure for that purpose, because a partially enclosed wooden gazebo will provide you with a shaded area, while also offering enough sunlight for your outdoor activities. And, what’s even more important – such a timber structure is perfect for all weather conditions! Can any garden building be more versatile than this?

Wooden gazebo with sides

Standard model vs. a bespoke wooden gazebo with sides

When searching for the right wooden gazebo with sides for your garden space, there are two options to choose from – a standard model or a bespoke wooden gazebo. Both options are equally great, however, the latter, of course, allows you to create a design that exactly matches your preferences! When it comes to standard wooden gazebo models, it’s easy and convenient enough to find a design with a roof and sides that meets your needs and fits well into your garden space. However, if you’re looking for a special design with glass sliding walls or a specific size, for example, an extra-large wooden gazebo, feel free to discover Lugarde’s bespoke design options.

High-quality materials and building systems

To purchase a wooden gazebo with sides that will serve you for years, it’s crucial to choose high-quality materials and a sturdy building system. If you want to make sure that you’re choosing the best possible timber structure, it’s advised to choose kiln-dried spruce wood that’s sourced from Northern countries, as well as a building system that not only gives the structure a pleasant look, but also equips the wooden gazebo with strong and waterproof corner connections, as well as a sturdy roof and sides. For example, you could choose the classic log cabin system or the unique, patented Prima-system, or the Pro-system developed and patented by Lugarde.