Wooden hut

The possibilities a wooden hut gives you are virtually limitless. Especially if you make use of what we can offer you. At Lugarde we offer only the finest objects for your garden, including a wooden hut built by your design. You do however have every choice for a standard product from our selection. Whatever choice you make, be assured that every product we offer can be customized according to your wishes. Whether we’re talking about bespoke design or a standard product, you can always be assured that we offer the finest quality. At Lugarde we have the most beautiful wooden hut for sale! 

Like our entire assortment a wooden hut or canopy from wood can be bought at one of our dealers spread across the country. Top quality for fair prices.

Wooden hut

The best quality since 1978

We started building and selling our products in 1978. In almost 40 years we have accumulated much experience and knowledge. You don’t just buy a wooden hut for garden from us, you buy the ideal wooden hut from us. At Lugarde we have the most beautiful wooden huts. We are market leader in both the UK and the Netherlands. What separates us from the competition is that we always strive for maximal customer satisfaction.

We achieve this in different ways. First of all, as said before, we offer a price-quality ratio which can’t be beaten. Our products are beautiful, strong, durable and practical. It’s worth mentioning that with us a bespoke design comes at no extra cost.

Choose from our line and customize, or create your own design

Having the option to customize an already existing model gives you many opportunities. But even more so if you make use of our 3D-configurator. This software was developed by us to give our customers every opportunity to create their own bespoke designs. Easy to use and understand, you will create your own ideal wooden hut in no time. But if you already have a drawing of your product, including dimensions and other specifications, then you can send us these too.


The finest timber for your wooden hut

The very foundation of our quality is of course the materials that we use. We build our products from the finest spruce wood. This wood comes from northern countries, where it is grown in special forests. Our wood is PEFC and FSC certified, grown with respect for nature. The cold climate makes the trees grow slower. This means the wood derived from these trees is more stable and durable than most other wood. The wooden huts and gazebos with sides from Lugarde are made of the best wood!

The timber is then dried in our special kiln, reducing the moisture content to about 12-16%. This reduces wood shrinkage to a minimum.

Make the right choice together with us

An investment in a wooden hut for garden isn’t made lightly. There are significant costs to consider and you want to make sure you’ll be satisfied with the end result. This is why we are always open to answer all your questions. You can call us, e-mail us or use the form on the website. Even better, you can visit your local dealer. On our website you can easily find the closest one near you. At Lugarde we have the most beautiful wooden hut for sale!

Frequently Asked Questions

The advantage of a wooden hut is its natural  charming feel and durability. Made from high quality wood, it provides a functional space in any backyard or garden. With proper maintenance, it can last for many years, offering a rustic appeal and a peaceful atmosphere. Are you ready to build your next relaxing area, office or hobby room? Contact our dealer network for more information.

Yes! Wooden huts are indeed a popular product. Many people appreciate their classic look and versatility, making them a sought-after addition to outdoor spaces for relaxation, entertainment, and even as a work at home space. These structures can provide additional value to your garden space, while amplifying the space in your home. 

We cordially invite you to experience our summer houses in real life. Our dealers are here to help you. Experience the quality of our products, get advice and receive a personal offer that fully meets your personal wishes and needs.With over 40 years of industry expertise, Lugarde ensures the finest quality, precisely tailored to meet your specifications.