Can’t decide whether a wooden veranda is the right garden structure for your outdoor living space? If you’re eager to turn your garden into the ideal place for relaxation and entertainment, then it will be an excellent option for sure! Why so? Simply because this single timber structure can help you to tick all the boxes of the perfect outdoor lounge area – providing shade in the summer, enough seating options for you and your guests, a comfortable dining area and, last but not least, refreshing your garden’s landscape with a new focal point.

In other words – a wooden veranda is a single solution to all landscaping challenges! However, to make the most out of a wooden veranda, the prospective plans, designs and ready-made kits have to be well thought out to achieve both the functionality and the look you are going for. Therefore, we have compiled some great tips and tricks for choosing a wooden veranda and creating the perfect outdoor space.


Wooden veranda kits vs bespoke design

Creating the ideal wooden veranda lounge area is a lot easier than many may think. Like with any other construction or garden DIY project, the key is to know a few important tips and tricks that will help you to achieve the planned result. When it comes to investing in a wooden garden building that will serve as an additional outdoor living space, the main challenge is to find a veranda or a shed that meets all your needs. Many stop the garden makeover right at this point because they simply get lost trying to find the perfect model in the vast range of wooden veranda kits, plans and designs. The tip to follow at this point is to determine how you plan to use your garden lounge area and choose between a ready-made wooden veranda kit or a bespoke timber structure. You can accomplish that by creating a list of requirements that a garden building should meet and a plan how you want to bring this idea into life, and then finding a wooden veranda that fits those requirements – either by choosing a model from a showroom or by creating a bespoke design.

When it comes to wooden veranda kits and bespoke designs, there are a few aspects that will help you to choose between these two options. Keep in mind that there are no major differences between a ready-made or a bespoke garden building in terms of construction, maintenance or quality of the structure. The only difference is the custom-made layout and design that comes with a bespoke product.

How to determine which option to go for? First, evaluate your garden space – can a ready-made timber structure with standard measurements fit there, or does it require specific measurements and layout? Secondly, determine how you want to use the gazebo space – can you fit everything you need – for example, a seating area and a dining area – in the standard wooden veranda size, or do you need a non-standard solution? Finally, are you someone who can carry out an idea if you see the product beforehand or do you enjoy creating something from scratch?

Wooden veranda plans and designs

The first tip for choosing the right wooden veranda is to determine what do you really need in terms of functionality and which structure is appropriate for your garden. However, an equally important tip is to find out the options that you can choose from design- and layout-wise. Prospective garden building owners often have limited knowledge of the wooden veranda plans and designs that manufacturers can offer. Thus, a perfect design solution can be missed. In short, the main choice lies between a lean-to and a free-standing wooden veranda. The first option is perfect for adding that extra living area outdoors, literally extending the house with the help of a timber structure. Whereas the second option is more of a gazebo or shed-like timber structure that can be placed anywhere in the garden, thus creating a separate outdoor living area form the house.

In addition to this, a distinction that is often missed, yet is very important for the functionality of the structure, lies between an open or partially enclosed structure. If you are opting for a lean-to veranda that will be used all-year-round, choose a model with glass sliding walls. If you opt for a model that provides more shade and privacy, choose a partially enclosed model that’s equipped with timber or glass walls. If none of these solutions is right for you because you want to get as much sunlight as possible, then a fully open veranda is the right one for you. Design-wise wooden verandas are truly versatile timber structures. And the same applies to wooden veranda plans as well. If the classic rectangular shape is not working for your garden space, with a bespoke design option you can create an L-shape veranda, for example.

Wooden veranda ideas for the perfect outdoor living space

Wooden veranda is a truly versatile timber structure, that can find its place in any garden. However, in terms of creating an inviting and relaxing environment, the timber structure itself is just a part of the successful garden makeover. The other half is the result you want to achieve, and this is where some wooden veranda lounge styling ideas can help you to get inspired. Whether you are going for a lean-to veranda or a gazebo, a little extra effort would take your outdoor relaxation area to the next level – for example, adding a fire pit. This way it’s not just a seating area with a few pieces of garden furniture anymore. If you favour the lean-to veranda option, try to bring the indoor feeling outdoors, by styling the lounge area with a solid dining table and chairs, instead of plastic garden furniture. In addition, whether you opt for an open or partially open wooden veranda, create a welcoming and cosy environment by imagining how would you style a shed or any other garden building and don’t be afraid to decorate your veranda accordingly.

Would you choose a lean-to veranda or a free-standing wooden veranda for your garden? If you still can’t decide, take a look at the garden building range or discover our unique 3D-configurator.