Beauty salon

Turn your garden house into a beauty salon where your customers can relax and enjoy beauty treatments. Our garden houses as beauty salons come HR++ with windows and doors and an interior floor-, wall- and roof insulation to create a pleasant atmosphere all year round.

We have considered the layout where you can design a guest toilet, treatment chairs and storage space, see the floor plan below. Would you prefer a different layout? Configure your own studio entirely according to your wishes and size requirements with our 3D configurator.

Beauty salon
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How do I start my own beauty salon?

Do you dream of starting your own home-based beauty salon? A summer house provides the ideal opportunity to establish workspace at home. Starting a salon in your garden house offers numerous benefits, including flexibility, personal contact with clients and a relaxing garden environment.

Your journey begins with obtaining the necessary training and certifications for the beauty treatments you want to offer. Whether it is massages, manicures, pedicures or other services, expertise is essential.

The magic of your garden house lies in the atmosphere you create. Think carefully about the lay-out and ensure a clean, hygienic, and comfortable environment in which your clients can relax.

Consider a well-equipped space with specialized treatment chairs, storage space for your equipment and a guest toilet.

Do I need a licence for a beauty salon?

Permits and licences needed for a home beauty salon may vary by municipality. Check with your local government what permits and licences you need to start a home-based beauty salon.

This may include:

Business licence: This may be a general licence needed to operate a home-based business, including a beauty salon.

Environmental permit: Depending on local regulations, an environmental permit may be required to use the garden house as a beauty salon.

Fire safety permit: If your beauty salon needs to meet certain fire safety requirements, a specific permit may be required.

Is the beauty salon ready-to-use?

If you are looking for a ready-to-use workspace in the form of a garden house, there are garden houses that come with all the necessary facilities for a home-based salon, making setting up your business quicker and easier.

They are typically designed to meet the needs of a beauty salon, with the necessary space for one or more comfortable and adjustable
treatment chairs, storage space for products and equipment and possibly a guest toilet.

Garden houses from Lugarde, specially designed as beauty practices, are fully insulated with floor-, wall-, and roof insulation for year-round use and are equipped with adequate ventilation and the right lighting for a healthy and comfortable workplace.