Bed & Breakfast

Discover the perfect haven for guests in your garden with our beautiful summer house, specially designed for use as a bed & breakfast. These high-quality garden houses offer all the comfort and privacy your guests need for a relaxing stay in your green oasis. With its tasteful design, spacious layout and modern amenities, these garden houses are the ideal choice for enterprising hosts and hostesses.

Your guests will enjoy atmospheric and comfortable surroundings surrounded by the beauty of nature. Invest in your Bed & Breakfast today and welcome guests in style with this garden house as their home away from home.

Bed & Breakfast

The basis of a bed and breakfast at home

The concept of a bed and breakfast at home is becoming increasingly popular. Not only does it provide cosy and personal accommodation for travellers, but it also allows homeowners to earn extra income. Starting a bed and breakfast at home is one of the most interesting ways to utilise a Lugarde summer house. Our garden houses not only provide charming accommodation, but also enough space to welcome guests.

If you make all the arrangements carefully, starting a bed and breakfast can be easy.

Before you set up your bed and breakfast business, you should check the legal requirements and licences in your area. You may need to apply for a business licence and operating permit. It is also advisable to find out about health-related regulations and fire regulations.

Choose the right location

When opening a bed and breakfast ,Choosing the right location is crucial. A Lugarde summerhouse is an ideal choice as it is located in your own garden and at the same time offers enough privacy for guests.

Make sure the location is easily accessible and close to places of interest or activities to pique the interest of travellers.

Make your B&B inviting

Furnishing a bed and breakfast means doing sensible groundwork.

The interior of your summer house should be comfortable and inviting. Consider the needs of your guests by providing comfortable beds, ample storage space and a private bathroom with a shower or bath. The furnishings should be stylish and functional.

Keep in mind that the décor should match the overall look of your garden.

Advantages of Lugarde

Choosing a Lugarde as the producer for your bed and breakfast at home offers several advantages. Beautiful Lugarde garden buildings are available in different sizes and styles, so you can choose the ideal model for your needs. They offer enough space for a comfortable bedroom, bathroom and living area. The high-quality construction methods such as wood, Prima, Pro or panel system, insulation and a beautiful interior wooden floor ensure comfort in every season.

Another advantage is the proximity to nature. Guests appreciate the opportunity to spend the night in a wooden garden shed and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Our log and garden houses can be built from different types of wood such as spruce, larch and Douglas.

The Lugarde summerhouses can also be manufactured with a terrace or carport to make your stay even more pleasant.

You can tailor this wide range of options to your wishes and ideas in a very interesting way with our 3D configurator. Don’t think twice and configure your bed and breakfast exactly as you want it with our 3D configurator.